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  1. @tuanphan, I just altered the built-in domain name so your link didn't work, sorry about that. I also ended up changing the background image a bit and that seemed to solve my problem for the most part. I appreciate your attention and time!
  2. @tuanphan I am still seeing the collage image get cropped on the left-side by the caption / the caption's background, so yes I still need help! Can you share a screenshot of what you see, please?
  3. Site URL: https://gw-draft1.squarespace.com/our-work/ledbury Site pass: bekind2020 Section in question: "Creating Opportunities" near bottom of page ----------- I'm utilizing a variety of "plug-ins" to achieve a desired site layout. The main one in particular allows you to create full-bleed, grid-style layouts via flex box. [https://courses.schwartz-edmisten.com/bundles/custom-layouts-in-squarespace] On this page, "Creating Opportunities" is actually just one section, with a background image (the collage), and text block (the caption). Schwartz-Edmisten's CSS code separa
  4. I've found a (semi) solution for my issue: I purchased Schwartz Edmisten's "Custom Layouts in Squarespace" course and within that there is unique code to get a banner image+caption to sit beside each other, and automatically order correctly on mobile. CSS only required. https://courses.schwartz-edmisten.com/bundles/custom-layouts-in-squarespace I say "semi" because I'm still trying to figure out if the ratio of the image + caption can be varied, i.e. 70/30. By default his code makes it 50/50.
  5. Yep, that's what I've done, checked on my iPhone (Safari).
  6. This site is currently a Trial Site, I will likely be purchasing the Business Plan for it
  7. I have the same question! There are many solutions out there for re-ordering *blocks* on mobile, but not *sections*. Here's my site in case it helps anyone with troubleshooting. https://gw-draft1.squarespace.com/ pass: bekind2020 My goal is for the homepage on mobile to read, after the "Golden Word connects brands and customers..." section : Photo - Magazine "Tailored, thoughtful, timely, thorough. " Photo - Jean jackets - (GOOD) "Meet our small, but mighty team." - (GOOD) Photo - Office "Work with us" Photo - Power of PR -
  8. @tuanphan Thank you for the suggestion! Sadly the page IDs are identical for the main events list page and the filtered-by page...
  9. @tuanphan Thanks so much! This worked, however it removed the intro banner on the main events list page (/events) as well. Do you know if there's any way to target the code to only apply to a "filtered by" results page (/events?tag=xyz)
  10. Is there any way to hide the intro banner section on the "FILTERED BY..." results page? Page example: https://theveil.squarespace.com/events?tag=Scott's Addition Goal: Hide the "Upcoming Events / Filter by location: ...." section at the top of the page, so the first thing you see is the "Filtering by: Scott's Addition" header. Template: Royce
  11. @paul2009 I have Ajax enabled, and inserted your code as written above into the Collection's header injection, and it's working...! Is this delicate in some way? (I know nothing about Ajax or javascript!) Should I move it into the Footer Injection area of the site instead? I'd prefer to leave it on the Collection so I can customize what it says for each summary block on the site, if possible.
  12. Thank you so much @paul2009, that worked perfectly! For anyone else trying the same: The script did not work in the page header injection (/nfk-events), but it did in the Index Collection header injection (/nfk).
  13. I've tried every solution I could find here on the Circle forum, but none are working! page: https://theveil.squarespace.com/nfk (scroll down to "Upcoming Events" section) template: Royce I've got a Summary Block displaying Events, filtered by Category. When nothing matches the filter criteria, there is just a big black space on the page. I'd prefer it to automatically display text when the summary block is empty, like "There are no upcoming events at this location." Note: The Upcoming Events section on the page is actually a page (/nfk-events) nestled within an Inde
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