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  1. I too would like to be able to setup variable payment (not a donation) through a squarespace-based website. As it is the only way I know of is to use a PayPal account (or other third-party payment processor), create a payment page on the Squarespace-based website, and include a Pay Now button on that page. PayPal does have an option to accept variable payment, it's been a while, don't remember how hard it was to find that option, but I did find that option. In this case, my client is a food based business and they would like to be able to accept payment for catering jobs directly through their Squarespace website. I have submitted a feature request to Squarespace Support.
  2. I have created another site from scratch using SS7.1 and I quite like 7.1. I get how to move the domain name from a site based on SS7.0 to SS7.1. My question is can I stop/cancel the 7.0 site and transfer the remaining subscription time to a new 7.1 site? I would no longer use the 7.0 site, I'd just delete it. I'd be staying with SS so they'd not be losing a customer. (In fact, they'd be getting a much happier happy customer.) DerrickRandomViews does what I'm asking make sense, do you know if this is possible?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion Meraki it seems to work perfectly for me.
  4. I've looked high and low and alas I found an answer to my own question that works. (It works for me in my situation. Probably won't for everyone.) - The objective is to have 100% of a Banner Image display on every page. It's a banner image with image and text and it must appear in full on every single page of a Squarespace website. It has to be a banner image as image blocks appear on only single pages. Answer: - Size the image 1500px x 1000px. - Parallax must be disabled. (I'm using the Brine family of templates, so I don't know if this solution will work in the other template families.) This seems to work fine in any site design (full width, full background or constrained width). I hope that helps someone and saves hours of banging your head against your desk...
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