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  1. I feel like there are hundreds of small businesses that would be helped by this. I want clients to be able to make a payment online, but there's no way in commerce to have a variable amount. I feel like this is a bit of an oversight.
  2. Well, throughout the day I've had time to weed through the forum, and see there's no native way to do it. Might just go the "donation" route.
  3. Site URL: https://www.mortiseandmiter.com/ Hello to all! When I need to make a payment for a service to a vendor or my business attorney, I can go to a website, enter the amount due, payment info, and it's done. When I tried to create a commerce page solely for that purpose, even with a custom form allowing a customer to enter a price, the price remans zero at checkout because I have the service price at $0.00, or enter a fixed amount. If I have a work order with $500 for one customer, and a construction progress payment of $4500 for another, I want them both to be able to ent
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