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  1. Thanks v much @paul2009 - fingers crossed this is resolved in a future release! Your list highlights some really important issues. It's simply not a viable product right now for my clients (who are largely in the UK and therefore need GDPR-compliance), which is a real shame as I would love to be able to keep everything in one platform.
  2. I can't see any obvious way to do this. This just seems bizarre to me - can it be changed with custom code? Ease of design consistency across a website is one of the reasons I may choose Squarespace for certain projects, so it's strange that I can change the button colours for my checkout form but not my member area login form.
  3. I find it off-putting to have to pay the same price for Member Areas in 7.0 when I don't get the same features I would in 7.1 (and not having logged-in member navigation is a bit of a deal-breaker). I find it even more off-putting that I'd have to recreate my client's site in 7.1 just to get this feature. It's getting harder to recommend Squarespace to clients with issues like this that force paying customers into a huge amount of extra effort, time and cost (for what's a pretty half-baked MVP anyway) rather than have Squarespace develop a proper migration plan for customers to get the most from their platform.
  4. Make your parking page your homepage and make all your other pages not visible - this should resolve your issue.
  5. Does anyone have any experience of doing this? My client has around 350 document templates they'd like to make available to paying subscribers (which I'll use the new membership functionality for). I'd ideally like to create a Google Sheet the client can maintain (which has columns for the document link, description, format etc), which then feeds the table in Squarespace (or is just an embed). The table needs to be filterable and searchable. I've looked at third-party applications like Awesome Table but was wondering if anyone has done this before and/or has any better suggestions.
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