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  1. Thank you so much! It does work… but only for one click. After scrolling back up to line and clicking again it will not jump a second time. Is there a fix?
  2. On the page above, I want to link this line of copy (in first section) "* Can’t pay all at once? Payment Plan Option Details Below." to jump to the bottom-most section on same page (titled package payment options)
  3. Is it possible to write code that would allow a line of copy to be click-able – linking to a section at the bottom of the same page? Page: https://ballroombluesfest.squarespace.com/package-options-2022 Wanting a line of copy to link and jump to last section on page (package payment options)
  4. @jaeveedee I was able to resolve issue using this code – but thank you!! [href="/navigation page title here"] { color: #CB1F37 !important; }
  5. @Web_Solutions thank you so much! I inserted code and everything was successful. I'm hoping that the (3) buttons on the page can each be a different color (code above does successfully change color, but changes all the same). Is it possible to write code that will allow me to designate a unique color code for each of the (3) buttons on this page only?
  6. Trying to use this code in 7.1 (and it works), but to isolate and change color of only one of the navigation links (stationary position – not on hover/etc). Just want one link ("packages") to be red. /* Nav item color */ .header-nav-item a { color: #ff0000 !important; }
  7. also… how to change the navigation link "packages" red (to be different from other items in nav). THANK YOU!!
  8. Site: https://ballroombluesfest.squarespace.com/package-options-2022 Password: BLUES Hoping to make the buttons listed ONLY on this page to correspond to the coloring of the designated "seat section" it will link to for purchase (colors on seating chart). The (3) sections use same site style; however, I want to customize them to be unique colors on this page of site only. Thanks in advance!
  9. Yes – EXACTLY! Yes!!! THANK YOU! And, is it possible to code to make the "BALLROOM BLUESFEST" line a heavier font weight then the artists names? This is fantastic! THANK YOU!!
  10. Ugh… I updated for client preview yesterday and totally spaced this forum! I'm sorry! https://ballroombluesfest.squarespace.com/
  11. Hoping for some help to update scrolling text block on my homepage to style differently. The title of the event (line 1 of 6 in scrolling text) I would like bold. The remaining lines (2-5) I would like regular weight. If this is not possible, I am open to lines (2-6) being in a different color. Can anyone provide code to show visual separation (font weight or color) of my event title and the artists names? Any help so appreciated!!! Site: https://smoothjazzgetaway.squarespace.com/ Password: BLUES
  12. Following… I need this feature desperately as well!! Submitting request to add now.
  13. I used a code from another forum. Added this code to Design - Custom CSS: .summary-thumbnail-container { pointer-events: none !important; }
  14. I solved it – click thru on summary was successfully disabled using code found on another question. .summary-thumbnail-container { pointer-events: none !important; }
  15. Yes, thank you! I find 7.1 to be so limited!! I need sliding image gallery (but I want it left/right of copy – in 7.1 sections it can only be above/below). My work around was to use a summary block as a sliding image gallery – It worked out pretty well EXCEPT for the click thru default. Please help disable the click through of this page only on summary blocks.
  16. Site URL: https://smoothjazzgetaway.squarespace.com/config/pages Hello! I need help disabling the links on a blog summary block (that I used to create a sliding image gallery with text possible in same section – 7.1 limited me!) I don't want the images on THIS PAGE summary blocks clickable. This page only. https://smoothjazzgetaway.squarespace.com/config/pages Password: Roland Any assistance very much appreciated!
  17. I solved it!!!! Reviewing several other solutions to various summary block issues, I officially configured a code that works! I'm so happy. Hope this helps someone else!!! .sqs-block-summary-v2 .summary-item .summary-thumbnail-event-date { display: none !important; }
  18. Site URL: https://smoothjazzgetaway.squarespace.com/venue I'd like to remove the white box and date that appear in the events summary block (as I'm trying to use it more of a visual image gallery, as we could do in 7.0 – it's my work around). Can anyone provide CSS code to remove the default white box and date? Site page: https://smoothjazzgetaway.squarespace.com/venue Password: Roland
  19. @Lot71 can you share css code that solved your click through on images? I'm hoping to do the same thing for bios…
  20. @kenwestphal - thank you for your prompt reply. (The link does not open? But, I'd really like to watch tutorial if you don't mind re-linking).
  21. @anacariniseiford @kenwestphal Any additional code that can be injected to change color of lightbox that appears (and make it transparent 80%)?
  22. @anacariniseiford I'm interested in doing this text lightbox upon click of a single image (there are 2 single images on my page – not as gallery – and both require short bio). Can this css be modified to not be link or button, but on hover of image? or click of image?
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