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  1. hi, was able to fix this by changing background color to transparent for all color ways (even dark/accent/black etc.)
  2. yes here's the link to a portfolio page with the bottom nav— https://www.ysdm.studio/work/artist-in-vacancy & password — YSDM2020
  3. hi @tuanphan am also trying to remove extra grey space between the sections and footer across my site, have tried to minimize the footer padding at top, but doesn't seem to be working only enlarging the space. When I select L or 100 height for the section above it works, but I end up with too much white space which I don't want. Help much appreciated! site: www.ysdm.studio pass: YSDM2020
  4. Site URL: https://cobalt-alligator-fa6a.squarespace.com @tuanphan hi! would like to be able to adjust the size of these arrows for previous/next project in Portfolio 71, not finding it possible in the pagination settings. Any advice on CSS tweak for this? Thanks!
  5. hi @tuanphan, attempting to do similar bottom positioning for body paragraph text. I tried the CSS in Advanced Header for my cover page but it still justifies directly to the center. site: www.ysdm.studio would like "contact + journal" at bottom of page, any help appreciated!
  6. @tuanphan thanks for your response! Client has Business Plan set up for the site & site is live now: https://www.lindseytaylordesign.com screen shot below is landing page— still have to click on text logo (in the middle of the image) to navigate through to the first page link... would like to be able to click anywhere on image and navigate through to "Gardens". thanks!
  7. Site URL: https://www.lindseytaylordesign.com/gardens Site URL: https://www.lindseytaylordesign.com/gardens Hi! Trying to reduce padding between Text Section and Portfolio Section with Gallery Grid, Both sections are at minimum custom sizing 10. I tried to reduce as much as possible, but seems that not able to have at 0?) also, tried to reduce using the following custom CSS to target the specific section .page-section[data-section-id="5e78d42fb8bfa6792f4a7f2b"] { min-height: 0 !important; } but both have been unsuccessful!! how can I decrease it? any help appreciated. Thank you!
  8. Hi, also have similar question, am transitioning site to 7.1. & would like to position gallery to justify R of page, not centered. No option currently to do so. Thanks.
  9. Site URL: https://blueberry-moose-azns.squarespace.com hello— I am working with squarespace 7.1 and am looking to create a clickthrough url for the background (full bleed image) on the landing page of the site, in the same way that you would be able for an image block. Seems like the only way possible is to add text (and create a link) or to add a button. I do not want to have text or buttons on the image, but want the image itself to function as the link. Any help on this would be appreciated. thanks.
  10. there are no templates in ss7.1, right? so would have to be css?
  11. Hi again, was able to find it in Fonts>Advanced>Portfolio: Item > Pagination The text has been adjusted, but the arrows are still oversized. (reattached updated image) How do I apply similar adjustments to arrows? or remove? Thanks.
  12. Site URL: https://blueberry-moose-azns.squarespace.com Hello— Using ss7.1 for a portfolio site. I selected the Portfolio index, and would like to adjust the size of auto-navigation text at bottom of portfolio pages...(see image) Is it possible to customize this specific text instead of change overall header sizing? Any lead on where to look to adjust in setting and/or customization would be helpful! Thanks
  13. hi there, am working with ss7.1 would like to remove underline from all links in website (see image), including navigation. & just have color suggest hyperlink, NO underline. can you provide where to look to fix this— colors? fonts? or custom css? thanks! trial url: blueberry-moose-azns.squarespace.com
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