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  1. HI , Please share your website link where you added the search block so we can have a look and guide you 🙂
  2. HI , There is very simple way to acheive it you can use the following plugin: https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/lazy-summaries Hope it helps 🙂
  3. Hi I suggest you to read through the guides gain you mentioned it would work perfectly fine.
  4. Yes you can there are 2 ways to do this : 1 - Create a custom link with Code block and use the following code <a href="mailto:email@gmail.com" target="_blank" >Text you want to show </a> 2 - Code custom Js which is bit complex , Please do let me know if it works with the first one if not will post the 2nd one 🙂
  5. Hi , Great Question it's called ' STUBORN UNDERLINE' we can eaily remove it by simply adding the following code to Design>Custom Css .blog-more-link::after { content:none; } Hope it helps and Solves the problem. Mark it as solved if it solves the problem.
  6. Hi , Unfortunatley we cannot code such functionality in squarespace but we can use third party apps and plugins to get this type of functionality , One fine example of such app is www.memberspace.com Hope it Helps.
  7. It's Strange , I checked on mozilla too , with Adblock plus & UBlock Origin with both of them enabled It works perfectly fine 🙂
  8. Hi , I Just checked your website with 3 different ad-blockers and social icons on footer shows on all of the three ad blockers , It might be something else causing them not to show , Will you please have a look it on some other browser or check it on incognito/private window of browser.
  9. Hi , I see you are using font awesome 5 verison , meanwhile code provided here was for fontawesome 3 , Please do the following: Replace first line of code with the following line : <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/5.14.0/css/fontawesome.min.css" integrity="sha512-8jdwayz5n8F2cnW26l9vpV6+yGOcRAqz6HTu+DQ3FtVIAts2gTdlFZOGpYhvBMXkWEgxPN3Y22UWyZXuDowNLA==" crossorigin="anonymous" /> It will gonna fix the issue for you 🙂
  10. Hi , Will you please show your code , where you made edits so I can look in to it 🙂
  11. Glad it worked , Please do share your website link so I can provide you with the code 🙂
  12. Hi , It's quite easy , Wil you please share your website Link so We can provide you with the code 🙂
  13. NOTE: I am asuming you have some Css/Html knowledge as it's necessary for this. Hi , There could be any conflict which we cann't tell without looking at code. But here are few tips: 1 - Chage The elements Id/class(IN HTML) in your code block , keep them sepetrated from each other. 2 - Look for Css if same elements are have same Id's change them to different Id's (IN CSS) 3 - Look for missing ending and closing of HTML tags (Most Important One ) this can cause huge conflicts then anything. Must have proper opening/closing tags. I think That's all , If you do each the
  14. I don't see any pop up after the Subscription Will you please let us know the exact link where this pop up occurs.
  15. Oh I though you was talking about the auto filling of Cart form , Unfortunatley This can't be done in any way possible as Squaresapce manages this functionality , But as work around you can add a anoucment banner on top in which you can direct customer to avoid using the auto adderss seletcor etc 🙂
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