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  1. Hi , Unfortunatley we cannot code such functionality in squarespace but we can use third party apps and plugins to get this type of functionality , One fine example of such app is www.memberspace.com Hope it Helps.
  2. It's Strange , I checked on mozilla too , with Adblock plus & UBlock Origin with both of them enabled It works perfectly fine 🙂
  3. Hi , I Just checked your website with 3 different ad-blockers and social icons on footer shows on all of the three ad blockers , It might be something else causing them not to show , Will you please have a look it on some other browser or check it on incognito/private window of browser.
  4. Hi , I see you are using font awesome 5 verison , meanwhile code provided here was for fontawesome 3 , Please do the following: Replace first line of code with the following line : <link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdnjs.cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/font-awesome/5.14.0/css/fontawesome.min.css" integrity="sha512-8jdwayz5n8F2cnW26l9vpV6+yGOcRAqz6HTu+DQ3FtVIAts2gTdlFZOGpYhvBMXkWEgxPN3Y22UWyZXuDowNLA==" crossorigin="anonymous" /> It will gonna fix the issue for you 🙂
  5. Hi , Will you please show your code , where you made edits so I can look in to it 🙂
  6. Glad it worked , Please do share your website link so I can provide you with the code 🙂
  7. Hi , It's quite easy , Wil you please share your website Link so We can provide you with the code 🙂
  8. NOTE: I am asuming you have some Css/Html knowledge as it's necessary for this. Hi , There could be any conflict which we cann't tell without looking at code. But here are few tips: 1 - Chage The elements Id/class(IN HTML) in your code block , keep them sepetrated from each other. 2 - Look for Css if same elements are have same Id's change them to different Id's (IN CSS) 3 - Look for missing ending and closing of HTML tags (Most Important One ) this can cause huge conflicts then anything. Must have proper opening/closing tags. I think That's all , If you do each these conflicts wil go away , Otherwise you can post the code below so we can look in to this and make corretcion for you 🙂
  9. I don't see any pop up after the Subscription Will you please let us know the exact link where this pop up occurs.
  10. Oh I though you was talking about the auto filling of Cart form , Unfortunatley This can't be done in any way possible as Squaresapce manages this functionality , But as work around you can add a anoucment banner on top in which you can direct customer to avoid using the auto adderss seletcor etc 🙂
  11. Please Share Website Link With Password if it's not published so We can have a look and suggest you solution 🙂
  12. I updated the Code Please have a look and try that Hope it will solve the Issue 🙂
  13. Did you tried editing your address through this method ? https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000877387-Adding-your-business-name-and-address
  14. You can Use the plugin for this https://www.squarewebsites.org/products/universal-filter It's a great plugin for adding such filters 🙂
  15. Oh Okay , SO I SAW the video , The Code won't work until unless yo Upgrade your Squarespace plan If you see on top you will be able to se ethe Blue bar which Showing it's premium feature and needs you to upgrade your plan 🙂 Once upgraded Issue will be resolved 🙂
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