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  1. Hi , Please do try the following code, Hope it works: .sqsrte-small { line-height:1em !important; } Just try to play where it says 1em , try 1.2em , 0.8em etc.
  2. Hi You can Fix it Simply by adding the following code in Design>Custom CSS .header .header-nav-wrapper a { font-family: inherit !important; } Hope it helps , Mark it as Solved if it fix the issue.
  3. Hi Just add the following code to DESIGN>CUSTOM CSS. This wouldbe the minimum height we can do to make it look clean and nice. you can do more but it won't look cleaner. layout-stacked .Footer-blocks--top { padding-bottom: 0 !important; }
  4. Hi, It's 100% possible to add without SERVER SIDE CODING ,it might take a bit time to get it done but it's 100% possible.
  5. Hi , You are doing really good in Desinging it ,Keep it up , Regarding the Issue , I don't know what kind of design you want for it , but resolution to this problem is as follow , Just add the Following code to DESIGN>CUSTOM CSS #header > div.header-menu.header-menu--folder-list.white{ height:120% !Important; } Hope it helps , Please mark it solved if it works for you 🙂
  6. Hi Unfotunatley No ,But Good News I am working on it to devlop some tool by which you can change the style of Invoice and make it as per your brand colors and stuff. Hope fully I will release it in summers 🙂
  7. Hi @BrianMac Yes you can Simply put the following code in DESIGN>CUSTOM CSS. .passthrough-link:after { content: "" !important; } Hope it helps 🙂 Please mark it solve if it works 🙂
  8. Hi , Please share the URL(link) of your website so we can help you 🙂
  9. Hi , You can create it on your own without plugin but it requires little knowledge of css , please visit the following link for more info. https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/w3css_tabulators.asp Hope it helps 🙂
  10. Hi , It appears to be correct color(white) on mobile as well, I think you have manage to fix it.
  11. Hi , Yes you can by using following services: -localize.js -bablic.com both of them are paid services , If you don't want to pay them then only coding solution will work 🙂
  12. Hi , Thank you for providing the correct url, to permanentaly fix this I would be needing the access to the your website for which you can contact me. In mean time you can use the following code in Design >Custom Css #block-d4097d6b3476f5a40718 > div > h1{ text-indent:-9999px; } #block-d4097d6b3476f5a40718 > div > h1:before{ text-indent:0px; float:left; text-align:center !important; margin-left:25%; content:'© 2021. All images and films on this site belong to NK Image Ltd. All work is protected by copyright.' !important; } Hope it works , Please mark question solved if it works 🙂
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