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  1. Site URL: http://tazewellcontracting.com I am wanting to create a list of projects that can be filtered by users. Many projects will have multiple tags. For example if the filters are "Commercial" "Industrial" and "Government" a project can be under the list of government and industrial. Something similar to this website: https://www.weitz.com/projects/
  2. Site URL: https://fongyu.co Hello wonderful and capable forum gurus, I'm a Squarespace newbie and I have a question about the Hawley template. https://hawley-demo.squarespace.com/ I'm building my folio site using this template and can't figure out how to customise the mobile version. The project display settings are for both desktop and mobile. I can't find a way to make them display differently. I like the desktop version where the project thumbnails appear when the mouse hovers over the list. However this doesn't work well in the mobile site. I would
  3. Site URL: https://flounder-circle-ejeg.squarespace.com/config/design Hi, Looking for a way to move the pagination from the bottom of the page to elsewhere on the website. Any custom css to achieve the same. On the Kester template Would like to move the pagination upwards and add a section of 'you may also like' with images and linkd to other projects, below the pagination
  4. Site URL: https://www.erobertson.design/ I am struggling to add Vimeo videos to my project page gallery. I would like them to be full-width, lining with my images, but the iFrame won't fill the page width. The video ends up with a margin either side. This is the embed code I am currently using: <div class="video-responsive"> <iframe allow="autoplay; fullscreen" allowfullscreen src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/[INSERT-VIDEO-CODE]?wmode=opaque" width="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe> </div> I'm not currently using a video thumbnail. When I us
  5. Site URL: https://www.cryssycheung.com/ Hello! I was wondering if it was possible to invert my Header's Logo Image inside of individual project-pages within the portfolio collection. My default header logo image is a PNG that is black with transparency. Main site URL : https://www.cryssycheung.com/ Here is a link with the first section with a dark background graphic, and the default black logo image is getting lost. I'd love to have the logo image inverted to white for this instance: https://www.cryssycheung.com/design/comedy-central I found this CSS in another form
  6. Site URL: https://parrotfish-plantain-r883.squarespace.com HI I need to create a project Index page in the Mercer Template. The result should look like the homepage of my other website https://www.shimejicreatives.com The mercer template does not have the project page option with which the above page was created. Can someone help to do this with custom code and for example a gallery index page? Many thanks Simone
  7. Site URL: https://www.kpluswarchitects.com/ Hi! I am hoping I can find a way to have the project titles for pages be on two lines on the 'Our Work' page. I'd be fine with a headline and subhead setup. Is there a way to do this? site password: charlie1
  8. I am using header code injection to create a carousel on my portfolio page to showoff the projects we present. However, the project pages read the same header code as the portfolio page (there isn't a separate header code injection for each project page) and therefore also create a carousel which isn't what I want. I was wondering if anyone knows how to override the header code for individual project pages. My other workaround is understanding the code behind project pages and how they are nested within portfolio pages so I can target each project page, so if anyone has info on that that would
  9. Site URL: https://smith-and-meade-template-2.squarespace.com/portfolio Hi there, I've seen a few posts about this but am not sure if it's the same issue. But Ive been having an issue with the image of the first listed project on my portfolio page. I'll duplicate it, and it will stay for a few days, then disappear again. Are there any solutions for this? Could this be a conflict with some of the custom css? https://smith-and-meade-template-2.squarespace.com/portfolio Password: Smith&MEADE Thank you
  10. Site URL: https://poodle-turtle-zkzb.squarespace.com/portfolio-tiled Hello! I'm on 7.1 working with Portfolios, specifically the main portfolio page that shows all projects. I'm looking to display all project names on mobile, when a user goes to my main portfolio page and they see all my projects as thumbnail tiles. Portfolio settings: Format tab Grid: Overlay Show Text: After Hover https://poodle-turtle-zkzb.squarespace.com/portfolio-tiled On desktop, project names display as expected upon hover. On mobile, project names do not disp
  11. Hi Tuanphan & Paul, I wondered if either or you could help me with making my clients project page display a 1 image column instead of two. https://cbhd-dev-9ac7.squarespace.com/the-getaway-collection PW: New-Dev! Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
  12. I'd like to be able to build a Project within my Portfolio without it being published right away. Is there a way I can create drafts or leave them unpublished until they are ready? This is causing me major problems with maintaining my website.
  13. Site URL: https://www.nickasbell.com PASSWORD: 1234abcd Hello! I was wondering if there was a way that I could remove the navigation options that is at the end of each project (See Photo #1) and replace it with project images that link to each project, essentially doing the same thing as the current navigations, but through photos (Example mock-up in Photo 2). I tried a couple things, but am completely stumped! Thank you, -Nick Current Navigation that I want to replace^ Navigations I am trying to make^
  14. Hi I would like my project page to have one row of projects instead of two because it looks too busy with projects side by side. Is it possible on the Beaumont template? It is only letting me select a minimum of 2, and when I type in "1" it reverts back to "2" Thank you
  15. Site URL: https://blueberry-moose-azns.squarespace.com Hello— Using ss7.1 for a portfolio site. I selected the Portfolio index, and would like to adjust the size of auto-navigation text at bottom of portfolio pages...(see image) Is it possible to customize this specific text instead of change overall header sizing? Any lead on where to look to adjust in setting and/or customization would be helpful! Thanks
  16. Site URL: https://sepia-bamboo-3696.squarespace.com Hello, I am having great difficulty with this hover: follow cursor feature within my project section. I want it to display my project names, everytime I go to edit the horizontal & vertical spacing it pops up again. However, as soon as I hit save it disappears into bullets. I was wondering if anyone could help me? :) Thanks Screen Recording 2020-10-09 at 09.02.49.mov
  17. Site URL: http://macca.me/karmicmedia-branding I'm struggling with this and it seems like Squarespace customer support don't have the answer I'm looking for. Basically, when you click into any of the project pages the images fade in as you scroll down the page. I would like to stop this from happening and just load altogether. It looks janky when you scroll down especially when the images are sliced. Would love any insights on how to fix or code inject solutions! PLEASE HELP! Thanks, John
  18. Site URL: http://seekersandhealers.com/kriya Hello, I would like to add a buttons to my project page design: http://seekersandhealers.com/kriya I understand it can't be done via the default Squarespace CMS but can be done using custom code. I was wondering if anyone could help or point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance! Nat
  19. Site URL: https://www.omegabuildinggroup.com/ Hi, I wondering if anyone know how to hide a project page using custom Css or on the individual page and don't have access to header injection. I would need this project hidden (Attached) https://www.omegabuildinggroup.com/portfolio
  20. I have uploaded a custom font family and have entered the code to change the font family and assigned this to "H1" etc. However nothing changes once I press save and my custom fonts aren't displaying anywhere on the site. Any advice would be great!
  21. Site URL: https://echidna-gardenia-fcb4.squarespace.com/ I'm using the Pazari template and have created a portfolio page to showcase our work. Within the portfolio page, we have a number of images from the same project. When you click on these images, it takes you through the the detailed project page. To create each project page, I have duplicated the project. However, this leaves great room for margin of error as when you need to update info or change an image etc. you need to do so for each individual project page to ensure they all look the same. Is there a way to share the s
  22. Site URL: https://www.zachfeuerstein.com/eat-and-do-/project-one-hpebt Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any idea on how to enable comments to a non blog page. I made the mistake of beginning a few long, detailed "blog" entries on a project page and would love to have commenting available. I read a bit about installing disqus but it seems to be an alternative to only blog pages. Please let me know if anyone has any insight, its greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  23. Site URL: https://puma-orb-9lss.squarespace.com/projects .white .portfolio-grid-overlay:hover .portfolio-title { animation: fadeIn 1s ease !important; } @keyframes fadeIn { 0% { opacity: 0; -webkit-transform: translate3d(0,30px,0); -moz-transform: translate3d(0,30px,0); -ms-transform: translate3d(0,30px,0); -o-transform: translate3d(0,30px,0); transform: translate3d(0,30px,0); } 25% { opacity: 0; -webkit-transform: translate3d(0,30px,0); -moz-transform: translate3d(0,30px,0); -ms-transform: translate3d(0,30px,0); -o-transform: translate3
  24. Site URL: https://cooperteam.co/ There are two subpages found under Properties link to two different page types: Buyer is a single page with an image gallery Seller is a Portfolio page with 26 sub Projects I've decided to combine them into one page, so, using the Buyer page as the main page, I'd like to then link to the individual Project pages from thumbnails on that page. My guess is that's impossible without having to rebuild each Project page again as a Page in order to make them navigable within the site structure. Is there an easy, or any, way to convert Project pag
  25. Site URL: https://www.joshlebowitz.com Hey all, I've created a Project Page within a Portfolio Page that I'm looking to remove/subtract from the Portfolio and have on its own. I initially thought that I'd want to go the Portfolio Page route but have decided against it now. Is there a way to do this without having to completely recreate the page from scratch?
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