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  1. Hi, I just want to get rid of how it highlights the word you're searching for. Once you hit search the way it highlights that searched word is by showing the text as outlined text, just want to get rid of that. Hope that makes sense!
  2. yes! https://katonaharchitectural.squarespace.com/ password: katonah123
  3. Hi, I'm having the same issue but that code didn't seem to work for me. I'm on 7.0, this is what it looks when i search an item, which i definitely do not want!
  4. Is there a way to code the blocks on the portfolio page in 7.1 as masonry style? I haven't found anything that allows me to customize.
  5. I want to shorten the excerpt for the summary block...but keep the same on the product page.
  6. Site URL: https://kelly-koester-dg9z.squarespace.com/home-brine I can't tell if I missed an obvious step on the Brine Template. I am making summary blocks, connected to orders, throughout the website to hold a variety of featured books. Is there not a spot for making excerpts for orders? If not, is there a css code I can use to shorten the content in the summary blocks so all of it isn't showing? Thanks!
  7. Thank you! I used this one and it was glitching on me. Not always showing up but I put it in again and now it seems to be okay! Always, how it works! Thanks SOOOO much.
  8. https://pointedleafpress.com/newhome Sorry, I have been working on the page. See the attached picture. I just want to increase the size and perhaps bold the arrows in the carousel so they are more noticeable. Thanks!
  9. https://kelly-koester-dg9z.squarespace.com/testimonials-slider-2 Ah, yea. On a new page.
  10. Site URL: https://pointedleafpress.com/order I'm trying to increase and bold the arrows in the carousel summary block in the Avenue template. I found a few css but none of them work. They are pieces from big changes in the summary block. I put them in, you see them, and then when the page refreshes they disappear.
  11. The secondary navigation bar only goes to the content inset of the website. I need it to fill the whole page as the banner image does. Anyone have some css? Or ideas? I've tried everything. www.roc360.com
  12. This only has the bottom navigation sticky. I would like the top navigation too. I tried writing "top" in but it didn't work.
  13. I have css for sticky header that is working on all landing pages, page with a banner....but when they don't have a banner (blogs)...the header is jumbled. Can someone help? https://www.roccapitalprograms.com/ I have these two codes in: .Header-inner { padding-left: 0 !important; padding-right: 0 !important; } [data-nc-container="bottom-left"], [data-nc-container="bottom-right"] { display: none !important; } [data-nc-container="bottom-center"] { width: 2000px; background: #21395E; } .Header--bottom{ position: fixed !important; } .collection-type-index #new-page-58 {background:#2dc2ca} and .Header {position:fixed; z-index:1000; width:100%;} .Header--overlay.Header.Header--bottom { position: fixed; top: 120px; z-index:9999; background-color: rgba(252, 252, 252, 0.7); } .Header.Header--bottom { position: fixed; top: 50px; z-index:9999; background-color: rgba(252, 252, 252, 0.7); } .Main {padding-top:100px !important;} .Main.Main--page {padding-top:0px !important;} .Intro.Intro--has-image {padding-top:100px;} @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {.Main {padding-top:0px !important;}} @media only screen and (max-width: 480px) {.Index {margin-top:0px !important;}}
  14. Hi! I am trying to change the background color of the Ready Template menu that pops up. Can't find the css anywhere. Thanks!
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