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  1. @jpeter thank you!! That works perfectly, really appreciate your help with this!
  2. Thanks so much @jpeter, I really appreciate the help! It works perfectly mid-list but at the start and the end of the list the links break when clicked and look like below: This is book 3 of 3 and should say 'previous' with the name of book 2 and a link to book 2, instead this next link takes me to a 404 error. Is there any way to fix this please?
  3. I have custom code set up on a website I'm building (https://jamesfray.squarespace.com password: demo) so that my blogs have previous and next pagination show up at the bottom of the page. I'm using one blog (https://jamesfray.squarespace.com/blooming-detectives) as a list of books available in a series. I've reversed the order the posts show up in, so the oldest is first as that will be the first book in the series, but my previous/next are now the wrong way around. Can someone help me change the text so that where it currently says previous it will say next, and where it says next it will say previous please? Many thanks in advance!
  4. Thanks tuanphan. I've added that in to my custom css but nothing's happening? Edited to add, scratch that, I've figured out how to get it all to work! Well, except for the underline on the mobile menu active link, is there a way to remove that please?
  5. Thanks so much for posting this, it's been super helpful! I'm trying to go one step further and rotate the mobile menu bar on desktop so it shows vertically, so I get something like this: https://www.helengreendesign.com I've got the mobile menu forced on desktop (thanks tuanphan!) but wondered if there's a way of getting that vertical bar on desktop with horizontal menu slide out please? My site is https://houseofvictoire.com
  6. Site URL: https://weareparler.co/podette I use Squarespace 7.1 to host my podcast via a blog but if I add a featured image to each post then the thumbnail for the podcast changes to that image in podcast player apps, which I do not want it to do. Unfortunately, not using a featured image means that the blog page has no images included as 7.1 no longer pulls through the first image embedded in the post if no featured image exists (why have they turned off all the useful functionality?!) Does anyone have a way for me to not use featured images but still have images showing on the blog page (https://weareparler.co/podette) please? I've tried putting together a fake blog page with a summary block to get around it (https://weareparler.co/blog) but it won't show all episodes and it won't fix the issue if people use categories to find relevant blog posts. I don't want to separate out the podcast hosting into a separate blog because each podcast episode links back from the podcast player app to the page the audio is hosted on, so there'd need to be content in two places instead of one (far too much work!). I've run out of workaround ideas and am hoping someone can help with some coding to pull through the first image in a blog post instead of a featured image 🤞🏻 or any other idea that could work (other than hosting my podcast somewhere else, not an option right now) TIA!
  7. It's https://podcastology.co/templates/solo-episode-planner - sorry, I'd updated the link but it looks like only the text and not the link itself was amended, it should work now
  8. Thanks tuanphan, unfortunately that's made no difference to the layout. Just for clarity, I've upload an image to show what I'm after a bit better as I'm not sure I'm explaining it very well, and the change needs to be on desktop only please.
  9. Site URL: https://podcastology.co/templates/solo-episode-planner Hi, I'm wondering if there's a way to use the space on a product page better than the default settings currently do. I'm using Wells and I'd like to move the .product-description section up under the image carousel if possible, but only on tablet and upwards (or wherever the two columns kick in) so that blank space on the left is filled a bit better. Product Page: https://podcastology.co/templates/solo-episode-planner If possible, I'd also like to put the price and the buy now button on the same line, is that doable? Many thanks in advance! Tors
  10. Site URL: https://podcastology.co Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me force my site into two columns for tablet (501-800px), I want this to impact my entire site if possible. I've been trying to use: @media screen and (min-width: 501px) and (max-width: 800px) { #page .span-12 { .span-3 { width: 50% !important; float: left !important; } .span-3:nth-child(2n+1) { clear: left !important; } } } It's not working but I've got no clue why. I'd appreciate any help please. Website is podcastology.co and is 7.0 (Wells) Many thanks in advance!
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