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wordpress xml import file failing

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Site URL: https://www.chasethesummit.com

I'm trying to import my wordpress blog content into Squarespace. There's around 200 posts and all of them contain multiple attached images. For whatever reason the "regular" wordpress import tool didn't work for me so I opted to use the "advanced" tool by uploading my exported XML file from my wordpress installation. The file uploads, and then goes into a "processing" state for several hours until it ultimately stalls. The status bar fills up indicating the import is complete, but the status says "Scheduled" and stays this way forever.

I tried reaching out to Customer Service in the live chat and they were no help at all just directing me to "help articles" that repeat the process I already did. My XML files are clean, the links work. What's going on here? Can anyone help me?



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Site URL: https://chasethesummit.com

I've reached out to squarespace support 5 times for this issue and every time they give me the same run around response "Our engineering team is looking into this blah blah blah keep in mind there are many moving parts and this issue may take time". I'm pretty certain this isn't a widespread issue so I'm posting here. Can anyone get Wordpress import to work? I've got a very clean wordpress XML export file. Every time I try to import it, it hangs at "scheduled" for several hours until it ultimately results in a "failure". 

I've tried all of the trouble shooting steps. Disabled all plugins, disabled custom theme, etc... etc... I even went as far as to break up my exports into smaller chunks. 


Now, after all of this. I'm pretty sure my data is still stored in squarespace somewhere and corrupt because when I try to re-import the pages they appear in my "deleted pages" area even after I "empty the trash".


1. "empty trash" from failed export deleted pages

2. attempt to import XML file again

3. Broken pages appear in "deleted pages" again and no new pages are generated.


Can anyone help me? Or is this really the deal breaker and will lead me to going back to Wordpress? Incredibly frustrated with the lack of support.

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 10.58.03 AM.png

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16 hours ago, derricksrandomviews said:

For those viewing this thread who don't know the procedure to import from Wordpress to Squarespace, here is the guide to get started. 


I followed the procedure. This isn't my first time dealing with XML files and I've developed entire websites from scratch. The import feature is simply broken in Squarespace.

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Ok correction, I actually imported 2 blogs from wordpress, same conditions, one imported with thumbnails, and one without 🙂

I'm confused.

actually trying to move a blog from squarespace 7 to squarespace 7.1 using wordpress import/export

So steps are:

export blog from ss 7 in xml
import xml in wordpress
use a plugin to actually import images (if not they stay on squarespace)
export wordpress blog to xml

Import wordress blog in advanced way with xml file in ss 7.1


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On 5/4/2022 at 6:30 AM, MidnightClub said:

I actually imported 2 blogs from wordpress, same conditions, one imported with thumbnails, and one without 🙂

I'm confused.

I've been working in this area lately.

I've also had some circumstances where thumbnails fail to import. It usually seems to happen after massive changes to the <content:encoded> tag.

I have a test xml file that I use to experiment. If I revert my changes back, that usually does the trick. Not a solution but an observation.

I assume you've noticed the post and thumbnail attachment relationship. Those have to be perfect or cablooey!

By the way. Exporting from SS back into SS does not replicate the original blog by a long shot. One more thanks SS! 🤯

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Folks the following is not a solution for any particular issue(s) with WordPress imports. It does show some of the process involved in diagnosing and potentially fixing issues. It can be involved, lengthy, and require some professional help. It generally starts with letting someone(s) with the technical chops have access to your WordPress export file to see what might be going on.


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Greetings everyone,

I have export my POSTS from Wordpress DB and I would like to import them in Squarespace.

I tried couple times but the importing failed, the error is as follows.

— Importing data from WORDPRESS.
— Import file appears to be incomplete. Please check the file and try again.
— WORDPRESS Import complete. Status: Failed

I have tried in different filtered outputs, not only one case to see if it was my mistake, but I also tested in another site and the import was right.

I don't find any solution around the net, only that some other peopled faced that too, How we can solve this?

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