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Converting to Google Analytics G4...

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I added my G4 tracking ID into "External API Keys".  I have it configured for both UA and G4 so they both collect at the same time.  G4 is collecting data and it's logging purchases but it's not registering the value of those purchases.  It recognizes the product being purchased, etc it's just not registering the revenue.

UA is seeing the same purchases but correctly registering the revenue (as it always has).  Why is G4 not properly recognizing revenue?

I attached a couple reports showing this.

I've contacted SS support who then say its a Google issue and Google says it's a SS issue since they have no insight into their implementation.  I agree with Google on this since they can't control if SS has implemented things properly.

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 8.15.35 AM.png

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 8.15.50 AM.png

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Hi @1957Goldtop - this is an issue I've replicated on several client sites where we have GA4 and UA running and are currently testing to make sure everything's working, so you're not alone!

I have also reached out to Squarespace support to try and get them to review and confirm GA4 purchase events are getting pushed to GA4 with all the necessary data, but I got a similarly unhelpful response. I'm still researching, and I'll be happy to update this thread if I make any progress figuring it out.

One additional detail – if you check Configure > Conversions in GA4 you'll probably see the relevant conversions *with* the correct monetary values associated. The issue seems to be that those values aren't showing up in the item revenue reports in the Monetization section.

- Ed 


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I haven't received anything helpful from Squarespace – I asked them to escalate it to their engineering team but they just insisted it was "something to be discussed with Google".

I'm trying to find time to do some more detailed debugging in GA4 with a live ecommerce site to see what transaction data Squarespace's GA4 integration is actually sending. I'll update this thread if I make any progress there.


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This is Squarespaces issue. They are not sending the currency through which is required by GA4 to make the revenue appear in GA4. Who were you in contact with?

On this note, does anyone know of a way to block GA4 from sending a purchase event and we can send it through GTM



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Go into your config on GA4 and you may have Auto-events enabled. You can probably disable it all from there.

My advice anyway is to NOT use autoevents anywhere but instead fire them all through GTM. That way you can be sure of what is happening and your GA4 will not do stupid things like associate the wrong events which often they will do when auto-tagging is enacted. This option only possible for technically minded people.

Also bear in mind that with GTM running you can migrate to a server instance of GTM which will be necessary when cookies are removed from the browser and first-party is the only type of tracking that will be allowed (Google and others are keeping very quiet about this but this is exactly why they forced the upgrade onto its users).

UA is alive until July 2023 and for business users it was extended by another 12 months.

There is no way SS will not fix this because they will have to have a solution when UA dies. This is probably the hardest timeline you will have to bear with.





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I've been working on this problem for a week now, and have been able to get some revenue data to populate the report by making an event modification directly in GA4. The problem, as already mentioned, seems to be that SQS does not send the currency type along, which is required by GA4 to display the data. You can modify the currency parameter for a purchase event to set the currency type. 

event mod.png

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