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  1. I've been using OneSaas and it's working perfectly... they were great and had great support... they even added support for Xero's Tracking Codes on Invoice line items for me when it wasn't a feature. I'm very mad that they were bought by Intuit and will be discontinuing their Xero support. Does Greenback do all the same things as OneSaas? Does it sync transaction by transaction (like OneSaas) or is it a daily lumping of all the transactions (like Squarespace's old in house Xero integration)? Thanks!
  2. No! I just discovered this today when I went in to Xero to do my reconciling. Saw that I had no new transactions and then went over to Squarespace to see they no longer have the option. But they do let you know there is now a paid way to get the same thing done... with Open Saas. I am beyond livid. It's absolutely absurd they would just take the functionality away. They claimed to me that an email was sent out but I never received it.
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