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Feedback: Bloom Box Website

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Site URL: https://www.bloomboxus.com/

Hey -

I'm new to this community, I've asked countless peers to give feedback on the website that I designed. This website is new I'm still experimenting and few tweaking things.

I wanted to request a mini task on what areas need modifications/improvements (e.g. Font or Text, Inline Color Font, Images & Graphics, Buttons, etc).

Also, some one recommended me to create a blog tab for the growing instructions and other stuff..., my worry is it necessary to do so?

Any feedback (even constructive criticism) to improve the website user navigation for both WEB and Mobile.



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From a web design perspective:

  • I would suggest adding a subscribe tab to your header navigation.  It's good that you have the ability to subscribe interspersed throughout your website - definitely keep that - but it'd be good to also have a button at the top that leads directly to the subscription page.  Its presence would visually help reinforce to the customer that you are selling something.  Otherwise, if I didn't know any better, I would think the site was just an information site about indoor gardening.
  • I'm a bit torn on the splash page w/ the subscribe and explore buttons.  While I can see its potential, its current implementation feels like more of a hinderance because it doesn't properly introduce what your business does.  Currently, if I'm a new customer stumbling upon your site and have no idea what it is that you do, I would either:
    • Immediately lose interest and close out of the site (the sparsity of information on the splash page makes it look like the site is under construction)
    • Not click subscribe - why would I subscribe to something before I even know what it is?
    • That leaves Explore as the only other option I'd click, which takes me to your homepage, which could have been reached directly anyway if there was no splash page.  
    • Essentially, the splash page, in its current implementation just makes it more tedious to find out about your company.  As a viewer, I need to expend mental energy to react to the splash page (i.e. my thoughts go - "What is Bloom Box?"  "I don't know. I can't decipher anything from the splash page content."  "What am I supposed to do next?"  "Oh, there's a button that says explore, let me click that and hope there's more info.") 
      • If you want to maintain the splash page, I would suggest adding better imagery and text that clearly introduces who you are (i.e. "Bloom Box.  Providing grow-at home seed and planter kits for nutritious microgreens" or something like that).
  • Your logo/home page link on the upper left corner of the site links back to the splash page, which adds in an unnecessary click and disrupts the mental "flow" of a user browsing the website.  I would suggest linking it back to the https://www.bloomboxus.com/home URL to bypass the splash page - once someone's in your site, they don't need to see the splash page again.
  • Fonts
    • I would suggest using a non-serif font for your buttons and headers.  Serif fonts feel generic and antiquated (sort of like when someone posts up a flyer with Times New Roman font).  As far as serif fonts in the body text, I think for your website that works well for you (it makes the brand feel technical, practical, and authentic, with attention to detail, which is probably a good thing).
    • There is something odd happening with the font (it's like the font floats above the baseline).  As a result, the text in all of your buttons is not centered within the button, which looks a little bit sloppy from a presentation standpoint

From a marketing standpoint, here's some of my suggestions:

  • I kind of alluded to bits of this above, but I really think your website needs to be more clear, front and center on the home page, about what it is that you do and provide.  Now obviously this depends on your situation. I'm not sure what phase your business is in (i.e. start up, established, has/does not have brand recognition, etc.), or who your target audience is.  But if your target audience doesn't know already know what Bloom Box does, they would currently need to take the time to read the entire site to understand it.  The taglines "Well-being starts with you!" and "We’re Making the World Bloom, One Box at a Time!" are aspirational, but don't tell me what you do.
  • Include actual photos and descriptions of the product throughout your site.  If my interpretation of your content is correct, what you're selling is an all-in-one, easy to setup hydroponics kit, with seeds included, for growing greens indoors.  In my perspective, the convenience that your product brings is the differentiator versus me just buying seeds at the store and planting them in my own planter.  As such, I really need to understand what it is I'm buying from you.
    • Also, how big is the kit?  Will it fit on my window sill? Or do I need to take up half my kitchen counter for it? 
  • I'm not sure if I understand what your bulk order option (10 Bloom Boxes) includes. Being unfamiliar with your brand, the concept of a Bloom Box is still abstract to me.
    • Is that what you call the cardboard box that arrives in the mail?  Is it the actual planter box? Or is a Bloom Box the "system" that includes the planting kit as well as an ongoing subscription to the seeds?
    • Or do I need to buy the Bloom Boxes and then subscribe to the seeds separately?
  • Where do you ship to?  Nationwide?  Only certain cities?
  • How much can I grow with one kit?  Is it for one person?  A family?  Essentially, how much food growth can I get for $29.99, billed quarterly?  At $120/year, unless I was eating arugula every day, it seems like I could buy it at the store for cheaper.
  • Is it risk free, can I cancel/pause/restart at any time, like a Netflix subscription?
  • What about sustainability? The site seems to imply the growing mat is single-use and disposable.  What is in it?  Am I hurting the environment with material waste?
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