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  1. Site URL: https://www.bloomboxus.com/what-we-do How do I custom code to change the "+ plus icon" sidebar menu for mobile navigation? Having a label of the "+" would also help - I've tried exploring other ways to do so, but it's hard to find the answer and/or support I am seeking for.
  2. Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it @tuanphan
  3. Bumping this post cause I'm curious as well, but I love your website!!!
  4. Site URL: https://www.bloomboxus.com/seeds Hey - I need help on improving the text and color on the image when users hover over. Should I keep the Inline Image or should I replace it? Are you able to reach the text on the image — both WEB and Mobile? Are there anything else you’d like to suggest to improve text/font/color for the page. I wouldn’t mind created multiple pages linking to the info or overhauling the page. any feedbacks are appreciated!
  5. Site URL: https://www.bloomboxus.com/ Hey - I'm new to this community, I've asked countless peers to give feedback on the website that I designed. This website is new I'm still experimenting and few tweaking things. I wanted to request a mini task on what areas need modifications/improvements (e.g. Font or Text, Inline Color Font, Images & Graphics, Buttons, etc). Also, some one recommended me to create a blog tab for the growing instructions and other stuff..., my worry is it necessary to do so? Any feedback (even constructive criticism) to improve the website user navigation for both WEB and Mobile.
  6. adding expire headers isn’t necessary but to improve your score I’d recommend you to compress all your images and/or reduce amount of pictures on your webpages. Keep 1 or 2 fonts consistent. hopefully this helps 🙂
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