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  1. Hey thanks for sending that over - definitely appears to be a layout bug in SS. At first try, the code injection solved the issue with the footer. However, it created another issue where the block of products got left-aligned and placed beneath the product category list, whereas I prefer to have the two side-by-side and not stacked. But that second screenshot kind of led me to tinker around with some of those spacing sliders in the site styles. I was able to get the desired result by: Reducing the Item Spacing under Products: Layout from 100px to 70px Increasing the Spa
  2. Site URL: https://thewindowflyer.com/store Hi Everyone, I have a question - does anyone know how I might be able to add spacers beneath the catalog items on my merchandise page? It's set up as a Products page (not a typical webpage), and I don't see any option to add a spacer to prevent the color in my footer from overlapping the content. If you browse around to some of the other pages on my site, the footer appears fine. It's just this one page that's giving me trouble. Thanks in advance!
  3. Site URL: https://thewindowflyer.com/ Hi All - I launched this website about five months ago and am slowly creating blog, resource, and merchandise content as time goes on. It's geared for a dual audience - both the general traveling public, as well as those who might have a special interest in aviation. Looking for your thoughts on: Aesthetics Navigation/flow Technical/Mechanical aspects Thanks!
  4. From a web design perspective: I would suggest adding a subscribe tab to your header navigation. It's good that you have the ability to subscribe interspersed throughout your website - definitely keep that - but it'd be good to also have a button at the top that leads directly to the subscription page. Its presence would visually help reinforce to the customer that you are selling something. Otherwise, if I didn't know any better, I would think the site was just an information site about indoor gardening. I'm a bit torn on the splash page w/ the subscribe and explore buttons. W
  5. The color selection of magenta, teal, lime green, black, etc. makes the site feel a bit dated from a design standpoint. It kind of harkens back to web pages from the late 90s/early 2000s when those colors were very common because they were the only web colors available at the time.
  6. This might help: Using focal points to center images – Squarespace Help
  7. Hi Andrew, Here's a few of my thoughts: Branding I love the presence of imagery - I feel it reflects the mission of your brand well - running endurance training. However, with regards to answering your last question about whether if I would buy in if I had a marathon or a race on my calendar, that's where I get a little bit confused about the target audience of your brand. To me, the current imagery (filled with people quietly running through a vast landscape) makes me think more about recreational endurance running (running on a trail on a summer evening after work, etc.) and
  8. Site URL: https://thewindowflyer.com Hello! I was wondering if anyone else has run into this issue and have the solution to solve it? The site description not showing up properly on Bing, but is working fine on Google. I have populated the SEO Site Description as well as adding the same text to my home page's Page Description. I've had this set up for weeks already, so it should have already been re-indexed by the search engines. I should point out that my home page is set up as an index page (I'm using the Jaunt template), so therefore the home page technically doesn't have an
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