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Wish list or favourites code/plugin for Brine or Hyde


We have a bridal boutique website project where the client doesn't want to sell online, but have a wish list feature that collects dresses together which are emailed to herself and her client. We are not fixed on a template yet so we can build out on any template. The idea being that the dresses can be tried on at an appointment. 

Does anyone know of a plugin we could buy that would allow us to create a wish list which collects products and emails them?

Alternatively, we had initially thought about using the shop and disabling the pricing and adapting the button text to "add to favourites/wish list" rather than add to basket on each product page. We have been able to target the code on the item specifically to hide the price.

In order to get this to work we would need code on the "shopping cart" page 

  • change the text "shopping cart"  on the shopping cart summary page to "Wish list"
  • target the price to hide
  • target the "checkout" button to change the text  "see wish list". 

We would also need to style the "checkout" page headers (squarespace seems to suggest this is not possible?)

  • change "2. Payment" to "2. Contact details"
  • change "3. Review and Purchase" to "3. Review"
  • change "order summary" to "Favourites Summary"
  • change "purchase" button to "Send Favourites" button
  • if possible to hide the prices in "order summary"

Any suggestions gratefully received

Screenshot 2019-11-13 at 17.27.47.png

Screenshot 2019-11-13 at 17.31.00.png

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Hi @simon.cox

I've built solutions like this before. Here's a recent client's site: https://www.moddesignbyngk.com/

If you visit the rental pages and select some items you'll see how it works. When you reach the submit page, please bear in mind it's a live site! 🙂

DM me if you're interested in more details, as it isn't listed as a plugin yet.


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