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  1. Site URL: https://castleenvironmental.squarespace.com/services Hi I am working with a portfolio collection and I want to be able to display text over the portfolio before hover and also on hover. Currently squarespace makes you choose one or the other as standard. I also want to apply a green overlay on hover which I have been able to do by using this code: .grid-item .grid-image-inner-wrapper { position: relative; } .grid-item .grid-image-inner-wrapper:after { content: ""; transition: opacity 0.5s; opacity: 0; } .grid-item:hover .grid-i
  2. We have a bridal boutique website project where the client doesn't want to sell online, but have a wish list feature that collects dresses together which are emailed to herself and her client. We are not fixed on a template yet so we can build out on any template. The idea being that the dresses can be tried on at an appointment. Does anyone know of a plugin we could buy that would allow us to create a wish list which collects products and emails them? Alternatively, we had initially thought about using the shop and disabling the pricing and adapting the button text to "add to favou
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