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  1. Site URL: http://www.artthou.co.uk/ Hi Squarespace community, I am looking to create a floating form that would appear when a user clicks on specific product (/cart) button - the form would be a lightbox like the screenshot attached. My issue is I need the form action to email me the form info once completed, and then go back to the existing page the user is browsing. Instead of what happens presently, which is the action adds the product to the cart and directs the user to the /cart page. I need this for specific products, not all products. Ideally the for
  2. Site URL: https://www.artthou.co.uk/ Hi Square space community - I'm looking for CSS code, to be able to hide a specific navigation button on specific pages (not all pages). So in my instance the navigation button is "Viewing Rooms" I would like it to be hidden/removed for my member only pages and be visible on the public pages. Any tips / thoughts are appreciated. Thanks, Hugo
  3. I'm having the same issue: changing the navigation font size in mobile with affect the web/ipad version - but the code above isn't working. any suggestions? url: http://www.artthou.co.uk/
  4. Hi @paul2009, this is amazing - love the plugin you've created and keen to set it up on my site. Quick question, as I couldn't see on the demo site. Is there a way of 'favouriting' multiple products via a page that is showing more that one product of a specific category ie. this type of page, by having a small heart that a user can click on, in addition of being able to click into each and every product page and clicking on each wishlist button. Keen to avoid user fatigue, and avoid them having to go to each page to add to their wishlist and then back to the original page to continue browsing?
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