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  1. Hi there, I am trying to change my product grid so that the second image on hover is not transparent. I want it to be full opacity so that customers can clearly see the second image. Can someone help me? I added CSS to change images with links to have an opacity hover effect which might be messing with this but I'm not totally sure. Thank you for the help! nativewest.com/store/
  2. Thanks for the reply but that didn't work. Am I putting the code in the right place? Footer injection?
  3. All of a sudden all the text and everything is too big and I figured out it because the margin was changed? It looks too big on my laptop but not on my larger screen desktop. So I changed the margins in the design editor to 12 and the preview shows it as looking normal sized again but after I save and refresh the page the margins are back to being too small again. See the attached screenshots. Anyone know what's happening? Is it just a glitch or is there something in my code manually overriding? I just noticed it happening today and the website has been up for weeks and previously looked fine. Thanks in advance!
  4. Squarespace doesn't index it, which is why I'm asking if there is a work around. Such as meta tags in a code block? I'm not totally sure that's why I'm asking!
  5. Hello! I want my search page to be able to find the plant names from this page: nativewest.com/retail-plant-availability The problem is that they are being embedded from a google sheet using javascript. Can I add those same plant names to a code block so that squarespaces search function will discover them during a search? Or what do you recommend? For example if a customer was searching for "Monkey Flower" how can I make sure the search results on nativewest.com/search lead them to this page? Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi there! I have this code on my site, however I want to exclude it from happening on my store so that when hovered over the products the second image is not lighter. this is the code I am using. How to exlcude from products? .image-block:hover { background-color: #00000; opacity: 0.6; transition: all .3s ease-in-out;} https://www.nativewest.com/store Thanks so much!
  7. I have figured out the second issue and a workaround for the first one - but if there is a way to invert the logo nav text, cart, and button to black then let me know!
  8. Hi there, we have built a new 7.1 website and we are ready to move our 7.0 site using the nativewest.com domain name over to the newly built site. Is this process instant or will it take days? Will the domain still be accessible to our customers the whole time or is there downtime? Thanks!
  9. Hi there, I'm having an issue with my product pages: Since my logo and navigation links, CTA and cart button are all white, would it be possible to invert them all? So that they are just black on white background https://mackerel-lettuce-xlpt.squarespace.com/store/p/sage-native-west-shirt-e29yr-889jg-lc7ln-p7dl2 pw: sage Secondly, I think a code I installed to add a header image for blog pages is showing up on the product page as well for some reason, is there a way to exclude that from product pages? an blog page with the added code for the header image: https://mackerel-lettuce-xlpt.squarespace.com/plant-database/abutilon-palmeri pw: sage Thank you so much!
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