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  1. That is half of it I think, I envision a search box that when typed into has a dropdown pick list created from a captive list hidden somewhere in the website infrastructure. Clicking on the most suitable item in the drop down list, would show/go to the most suitable selection as per your menu example.
  2. I don't know if this is possible but I am trying to create a feature on a page where the viewer can add their business type to a box, probably a dropdown multi choice box and a recommendation of which of my templates that are most suitable is shown for that type of business. If I can get an image as well that would be fantastic. Hope that make sense.
  3. Thank you both for your kind advice, I have followed 99% of your suggestions and I think they have made a difference, have a look and see. Anyone else like to comment please feel free. Howard
  4. Hello all, I would welcome feedback on my new site please, I need some confidence that I have it right or help to get there. Many thanks Howard www.smallskycreative.com
  5. Thanks, I tried to add another but all I got was the swirling square of oblivion so thought the program didn't allow. Now tried it again and was successful 🙂
  6. Is it possible to have two blog pages on one website? The reason for wanting two is because they would be for completely different product themes and ideas that in the same blog would confuse the visitor
  7. I am trying to achieve address or information blocks without paragraph spaces, so the following style appears without line spacing; line 1 line 2 line 3 line 4 How? do I need code?
  8. Sorry for theslow response, unfortunatel it didn't appear to work. I have another similar "shop" on the site which it doesn't happen to so think it must be a localised issue. I'm closing the shop in a couple of days so don't worry. Thanks for your assistance
  9. I would like to add the following text to the cart on our website "for UK customers VAT will be added at checkout" I can't find how to modify the cart.
  10. https://www.elise-leamington.com/shop the issue shows when viewing this page using an iphone, haven't tried on any other make, there is no issue when looking at it with a computer.
  11. When looking at our shop the first image of the first listing vanishes when it scrolls up, only that image. I cannot work out why it happens nor how to stop it, my best guess it is related to the rollove feature but why it doesn't happen to other listing. I have changed the listing multiple times so it isn't the specific picture or pictures.
  12. Thank you for your response, without trying to sound stupid, how and where do you add a user? The notifications etc are going to our login email which is different from our contact/google account email address.
  13. I would like to add another email address so that it can receive notifications of sales and related actions. How can I do it, looked everywhere (I think)
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