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  1. Yes. It's not the same one I'm looking for. If you could review both and let me know how about above question that would be great.
  2. Thanks: - After an amount of time, one of the logos is automatically switched to the new one.
  3. I want to switch out/rotate logos like this section on the SS site. See the attached screenshot for the section I'm referring to. Does anyone have a recommendation for code or a plugin? https://www.squarespace.com/website-design
  4. Although, now it appears as soon as I scroll even with the adjustments you suggested. What did I F up? It was working so well yesterday!
  5. You know, I woke up this morning and saw that. It was working like a charm yesterday. Maybe I deleted something at some point. But it's now working again. Thanks for your help. Genius level!
  6. I'm wondering if anyone knows how this website is doing their text link hovers? The line is present, on hover the line slides, the reappears. Take a look at the attached screenshot but it looks like it's on all of their text links. https://vucko.co I'm trying to do it on my site where the red links are. https://toucan-tetra-fwm2.squarespace.com/ p: argus
  7. Thank you very much. That worked great! You're also the only one who understood what I was trying to do. Thank you. Take a look if you want: https://toucan-tetra-fwm2.squarespace.com/ p: argus
  8. Hello @tuanphan Somehow the nav is not below the large ARGUS logo anymore on Chrome but is on Safari. I haven't touched anything up there. Could you take a look? See attached screenshots, too. https://toucan-tetra-fwm2.squarespace.com/ p: argus
  9. I purchased a collapse plugin, but I'm wondering how to add an 'X' in the reveal section in the upper right corner (the part that opens). This seems like a prominent UI element needed with this type of functionality, but it's not part of it for whatever reason. Also, if I wanted to use the ESC button to close the reveal, how would I do that? I added a PNG of the X to be used if necessary. Plugin: Expand - Collapse Sections 2.0 https://www.sqsmods.com/store/p/expand-collapse-sections-20 Site: https://toucan-tetra-fwm2.squarespace.com/culture p: argus
  10. The red larger links. Currently, there's a line that appears on hover, starting from the center and expanding out. Right now, there isn't an arrow but I'd like to add one. The non hover state would look like red text with an arrow. The hover state would be the line appears from the left expanding to the right and the circle wrapping around the arrow, like in the example.
  11. Thank you. This only added a delay. I'm looking for the logo to appear/trigger once the menu bar hits the top of the browser.
  12. Does anyone know how to implement this codepen on text links? https://codepen.io/SachaJolly/pen/oWQMoG My site: https://toucan-tetra-fwm2.squarespace.com/ p: argus
  13. Nope. The small logo should not be visible until the menu bar hits the top of the viewport. When the menu bar hits the top of the viewport, then the little log slides into place. I added 2 screenshots: 1. Screenshot 1: How the page looks on load. Notice the small logo is not present. This is correct. 2. Screenshot 2: I started scrolling, but the small logo has already appeared. I do not want this. The small logo should appear when the menu bar hits the top of the screen. This is not correct. //logo slide .homepage .header-title-logo, .homepage .header-mobile-logo a { opacity: 0; position: relative; top: -10vh; transition: all .75s; } .homepage .shrink .header-title-logo, .homepage .shrink .header-mobile-logo a { opacity: 1; position: relative; top: 0; } //logo slide
  14. I'm referring to the smaller logo. On page load, you'll notice the large red ARGUS logo at the top with menu links below. Once you scroll, the larger logo will go out of the viewport. When the menu bar (below the large logo) hits the top of the page, the small logo should slide into place in the top left corner of the menu bar. I currently have it developed and working as it should, but the smaller logo appears too soon. It appears as soon as I start scrolling/before the menu bar hits the top of the page. https://toucan-tetra-fwm2.squarespace.com/ p: argus
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