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  1. Hi Lesum, I've been working with my site and am still experiencing a few issues regarding the code. Within the product page we've been using as the example so far: https://www.worldisonfire.com/services/resonant-you-private-voice-lessons The new button we added does appear when I hit the browser reload button on the page or clear the browser cache and reload, but it always disappears when I hit the "next" or "previous" buttons, advancing to the next product in my store, and then coming back to it. This behavior occurs in all browsers, and clearing the browser cache does not seem to change the button disappearing behavior. It seems maybe there is a conflict somehow with the code? Also, I attempted to adjust this code to reflect one of my other products, associating it with the direct product link within my Acuity scheduling page, but I am not able to get the new "book a session" button to show up at all on that new squarespace product page. Obviously, when it comes to coding, I am a total novice, so probably I am doing something wrong here. Any advice you might be able to offer to get it all working would be greatly appreciated. This is the second product I tried the code on: https://www.worldisonfire.com/services/resonant-you-biofield-tuning And this is the Acuity direct scheduling link for the second product which I swapped into your code and pasted into the additional info section: https://resonantyoustudio.as.me/?appointmentType=63083973 Thank you very much for any assistance you may be able to provide. Best, Julius
  2. Hi Lesum, Thank you very much for your suggestions. I added the code as you suggested, and a few different things resulted, but not quite the desired effect. On the original product page, the second button was created, but instead of it being located just to the right of the original button, both of the buttons moved to the center of the product description, and in a stacked orientation instead of side by side. Additionally, on all the other product pages, the "add to cart" button, grew to a giant size. I'll attach screen shots of all of these results. Ultimately, my desire is to have a "book a session" button, side by side with the "add to cart" button for each individual product, and I planned to use whatever your code suggestion is, but to modify the button link destination to reflect the proper Acuity schedule link for each product. So perhaps I will need to have a code that effects each product individually? Thank you very much for your assistance. Best, Julius
  3. Hi Everyone, For the last two days I've been browsing previous answers in the forum attempting to solve this coding dilemma but so far I've been unsuccessful. I'm hoping someone might be able to provide some assistance. I am working to add a second button to a Squarespace product page, to the right side of the "add to cart" button, identical in appearance, which links to my Acuity scheduling page for the same items. I'd love for there to be a small gap between these two buttons, and I'd like to label this new button, "book a session" Here is the Squarespace product page in question: https://www.worldisonfire.com/services/resonant-you-private-voice-lessons And here is the Acuity page I'd like to link the new button to: https://resonantyoustudio.as.me/?appointmentType=category:VOICE Thank you in advance for any assistance you may be able to provide. Best, Julius
  4. Hello there, I am wondering if anyone has discovered a way to replace the add to cart button on a single product with a donation button. This weekend I am going to begin teaching an online group voice class completely by donation. I want to use my product page to do this, but would like people to be able to contribute whatever they want when they take the class... Page link is: https://www.worldisonfire.com/services/resonant-you-the-golden-wave-group-voice-class My goal for this page is: 1. Hide the price at the top of the page 2. Hide the Add to Cart button 3. Hide the quantity field 4. Add a donation button in the exact place the Add to Cart button currently resides. Is there a CSS wizard artist out there who can figure out how to solve this? Thank you in advance, -Juice
  5. All items are marked as unlimited / infinity amount of stock...
  6. Site URL: https://www.worldisonfire.com/services Hello, I just noticed the "Add to Cart" button is missing from two of my 3 products, but I can't figure out why they disappeared. Does anyone happen to know how I might fix this? Here is the one product page where the button appears normally and is working properly: https://www.worldisonfire.com/services/resonant-you-private-lessons And here are two product pages where the add to cart button is missing: https://www.worldisonfire.com/services/resonant-you-biofield-tuning https://www.worldisonfire.com/services/resonant-you-bemer-circulation-enhancement Everything appears to be the same to me in my layout and settings with all products. Does someone know how to fix this issue of missing add to cart buttons? Thank you in advance. -Julius
  7. Hi Tuphan, I also have the same question. https://www.worldisonfire.com/world-is-on-fire I am working to create a transparent background on my content area so the underlying image shows though, but also trying to hide both the header and footer to create a clean landing page on my site. All of the CSS I've tried so far from researching other posts has had no affect. Any suggestions you might have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance, Julius
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