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  1. Hi, I have added a split navigation to my site which is working well on desktop. https://beige-trout-rpar.squarespace.com pw: Surfing123 On tablet the navigation goes back to being centered, which I am OK with but the last item 'contact' keeps wrapping to the next line down. Is there a way to extend it so it stays on 1 line. See image. Thanks Laura
  2. Hi @Collaborada, That worked, thanks! I have one more question. I have a page called https://www.thisisgravy.co.uk/work, but I do not want this page to be visible on the site so I've added a 301 redirect like below, so that it directs to the homepage. /work -> / 301 /work -> /home 301 (I tried this too) This work page is the parent page of all my portfolio items, but all my portfolio items link through form the homepage NOT the work page. So the work page is redundant and is not formatted/styled. So I just need it to be invisible. When I turned the page not visible, it also turned off all my portfolio items so I thought a 301 redirect would be a better solution. But the 301 redirect doesn't seem to work. Any ideas why? Thanks Laura
  3. Hi, I'm having issues indexing lots of pages with Google Console for my site https://www.thisisgravy.co.uk/ . See attached screenshots, can anyone help me work out what I need to do to fix this issue. The results say 8 pages are indexed and 25 are not. There are 7 different reasons listed as to why they are not too. Thanks Laura
  4. Hi @tuanphan, Thanks for your response but I have decided to use a gallery section with the items all on individual cards and that seems to work well and is good for being responsive on mobile.
  5. @KatieVetter Thanks for your response but I have decided to use a gallery section with the items all on individual cards and that seems to work well as is good for being responsive on mobile.
  6. @tuanphan thanks for response but I have ended up doing this differently now.
  7. Hi @tuanphan, I am adding a grid to my site. I would like the title, description with link to appear underneath the images and used your code (above), but it's not working correctly. (see screengrab) This is the site https://vanilla-sawfish-kk9x.squarespace.com/meditations-1. I need: - customise the title font - Customise the description font - Show title - Show description - Show link Thanks Laura
  8. Thanks for responses but I have actually changed my mind and think for what I need a grid is better.
  9. @miserytakeme Nice one! I might revisit this and see if I can do it too, can you show me the end result?
  10. Thanks @tuanphan. It's very strange but I don't seem to get those options all the time, they seem to be hidden. But after going in and out of the settings about 20 times, they appeared. I just wasn't seeing them. Anyway all sorted now, thank you.
  11. Hi @Ziggy, I've found the issue as I realised none of my videos are looping. I added the below code to my sites' footer injection as I only wanted the homepage video on desktop and mobile to loop once but it was affecting everything. I have moved the code to my homepage advanced settings and this has fixed the issue. Thanks <!-- LOOP VIDEO ONCE HOMEPAGE--> <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.6.1/jquery.min.js"></script> <script> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ setTimeout( function() { $('video').removeAttr('loop'); }, 5000); }); </script> <!-- LOOP VIDEO ONCE HOMEPAGE-->
  12. Hi, I have lots of looping videos on my site, but I have one that will not loop even though I have selected that in the settings. Any ideas why it might not be working? https://chameleon-copper-hgx3.squarespace.com/work/cult-wine-investment gravy2024 It's this video (see screengrab). Thanks Laura
  13. Hi, I have a carousel gallery block. Is there a way to add an external link to the text that says 'CLICK IMAGE TO LISTEN NOW' in the image text description. https://vanilla-sawfish-kk9x.squarespace.com/meditations-1 Thanks as always, Laura
  14. Hi, I have a carousel gallery block that has titles and descriptions overlayed on desktop (see screengrab). They vanish on mobile (see screengrab). I need help with: - Make the title & description always visible on the image or below the image for mobile - Remove the row of thumbnails on mobile https://vanilla-sawfish-kk9x.squarespace.com/meditations-1 Thanks as always, Laura
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