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  1. Thank you @tuanphan! One issue I am running into - pushing the announcement bar under blocks links in the folder drop down. For example, there are two pages under "Find Us" on my site: Missoula Food Truck & Florence Food Truck Park https://rootsandbitters-2.squarespace.com/ Password: bitters I can take them out of the folder but wondered if anyone had any ideas?
  2. Updated code for Squarespace 7.1: .event-time-localized:after { content: "Timezone: PDT"; padding-left: 4px; font-size: 12px; font-weight: bold; }
  3. I would love a code solution (or a new feature) to show days as well. My workaround has been to add the day of the week to the event as a Tag, then display the tag as the first piece of metadata on the Summary Block, and the date as the secondary, as shown below:
  4. Just chiming in to say I and my clients are frustrated by this limitation as well. It seems Squarespace needs "add ons" in addition to product variants. My current use case is a summer camp with 12 enrollment slots per week with optional extended care. I've set each week up as a service product. I can't create a separate product called "extended care" as non-campers could purchase it, or parents purchase it for the incorrect week of camp.
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