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  1. hi @annahahn1993 I'm looking for the same information too. Did you find you find an answer?
  2. Hi @tuanphan! Did this plugin https://sqskits.com/plugins/lazy-loading-images-for-squarespace work on the blog posts ? I use Squarespace 7.1 and lazy loading works there only on pages and works well. Unfortunately it doesn't work on blog posts so I'm looking for the code for it.
  3. Hey there! I'm putting a new website on wedding photography. Could you please recommend to me what will be the most Seo friendly way to showcase the wedding galleries around 100 images each with text+links about these weddings? I was going to use blog posts. Unfortunately, the gallery block in the blog posts doesn't have a masonry gallery option which I want to use. Gallery type webpage has a masonry option. My thoughts to make a Portfolio page with Gallery pages in it. And use a Blog Page for SEO Blog Posts like guides and recommendations. Portfolio Page and all the Gallery Pages in it will be the most image-heavy. Does it matter for ranking in Google what type (Blog Post or Gallery Page) I'll use? Thank you!
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