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  1. OK thanks @tuanphan but I would also like to include the footer and tried your code plus: /* Homepage no scroll */ body.homepage article section:first-child { padding-top: 0 !important; } body.homepage { overflow: hidden; } footer.sections.homepage { display: block;} But didn't work - obviously, the footer reference is incorrect as your part of the code works... Any suggestions? Thanks again
  2. Thanks @tuanphan but that doesn't work .... I'd like the thumbnails to be static and when you click them the choose image is show in the big box above.... Thanks
  3. Thanks @tuanphan but it is ONLY the homepage (https://daisy-tarpon-72er.squarespace.com) that I want to have NO SCROLLING. See the image below for confirmation of which is the homepage ⤵️ Thanks
  4. Site URL: https://daisy-tarpon-72er.squarespace.com/portfolio/new-build I'd like the home page of this site to include the header, body and footer on one screen whether the user is on a desktop (any size) or tablet (any size). How can I do this? Also, I am trying to left justify the footer text © 2021 Alexander Philip architect and right justify the menu text and perhaps add some small images in the middle. On desktop the text appears to be centred for some reason - perhaps just an inherited feature? Am I better to create three sections and then tell them to sit side by side?
  5. Thanks @tuanphan - I have managed to do it without the code, by playing with the editable options
  6. Site URL: https://daisy-tarpon-72er.squarespace.com/portfolio/new-build I would like the thumbnails on the portfolio sub-page slideshow:simple to remain static. It currently moves the selected thumbnail image to the centre which is quite annoying...Is this stop-able? Try the page link above for an example of what is happening... PW Help123 Thanks
  7. Site URL: https://daisy-tarpon-72er.squarespace.com/portfolio I am trying to remove spacing between site title and next section as well as between section and footer on ALL desktop pages. I tried this code: @media only screen and (min-width:641px) { [data-section-id="60619d0a5517c019d3727c0c"] { margin-top: -50px; } /*Remove HOME white space between site title and next section*/ [data-section-id="605498d8b43c651398849a26"] { margin-top: -20px; } /*Remove PORTFOLIO white space between site title and next section*/ [data-section-id
  8. Sorry @tuanphan but that hasn’t worked - you can still see the menu on the left when you click the burger menu off? As I mentioned, it looks like a ghost menu ....pops up when you click the x on the burger menu on mobile .... it’s visible in desktop mode too .... need a code to remove menu when you switch off the burger menu ....? Thanks
  9. Actually it appears when you click the burger menu from on to off - not when you go from page to page?
  10. Thanks @tuanphan. I have swapped my code for yours! Just wondering why on mobile, you see another version of the menu popping up when you click between pages? It's like a ghost menu but I can't screenshot it as it disappears too quickly. Could you possibly help with that? Thanks
  11. Worked it out... thanks /* remove desktop footer from mobile */ @media screen and (max-width:640px) { section[data-section-id="60619d0a5517c019d3727c0c"] { display: none !important; } }
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