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  1. Site URL: https://round-algae-fj2m.squarespace.com/ Hi, i'm looking for some help with my site when viewed on mobile. On all of the pages, minus the about page, the screen can be moved from side to side, as if the site width is different for these pages. I don't remember changing anything, however, I do have some code in place to adjust image sizes, and header format. Not sure if this could be affecting it. Is anyone able to advise? Site URL is: https://round-algae-fj2m.squarespace.com/ Many thanks, Nicola
  2. Hi Tuan, Removing the above code did work, however when one page is selected in the dropdown menu, the other isn't visible. For instance, when I select "Education Settings" and am on that page, the text is shown as blue, which is what I want, but the other page isn't shown (or is shown in the navy blue colour so not visible). I would like the unselected page to still be visible but perhaps in white. I can't work out a way of making this possible. Any ideas? I've attached a screenshot of what I mean. Thanks Nicola
  3. Hi Tuan, thanks for this, it worked perfectly, however what code would I use to just change the text colour, I don't think I need the blue pill shaped background for the 2 links in the drop down section, it's too much. Thanks Nicola
  4. Hi Tuan, that works thanks! Is there a way to make the text in the drop down section turn blue when it's clicked on and when you're on that specific page? At the moment nothing changes so it's hard for users to tell what page they're on. Thanks Nicola
  5. Site URL: https://round-algae-fj2m.squarespace.com/ Hi, I have added a folder to allow a drop down menu to appear under "Services" in my header. This works fine, apart from when I've clicked on one of the pages that appear in this drop down list. They disappear, although the dropdown box is still visible. I already have some code in place that allows for a pill shaped background to appear on hover and to stay behind a menu title when you're on that specific page. I'm not sure if this is causing the issue? Any ideas how to resolve this? I have attached a screengrab below to show what I mean. URL is: round-algae-fj2m.squarespace.com Password is: WaveTest Thanks Nicola
  6. Hi Tuan, thanks so much. I'm nearly there with the site, however I have one last query. I have included a slideshow: simple gallery section for my client to add testimonials to. When viewed on desktop the image is the perfect size but on mobile it was cropped. To resolve this I have added some code to reduce the overall image size and reduce the padding at the top and bottom. Unfortunately this now makes the overall image pretty small and it doesn't look right when viewed on mobile. Is there a way round this? It needs to be pretty straightforward for my client to add more images(text) to over time. Oh also one last thing, is there an option to add a search button in amongst the social icons in the header? So that users of the website could search for a specific word or detail? Many thanks, Nicola
  7. Hi, really appreciate you flagging other potential issues. 1. I need to sort out the images as there shouldn't be white space at the top. I have replaced with full size image that corrects this, however is there a way to stop Squarespace zooming in and cropping them across all devices when inserted as background image? The main parts of the image tend to be lost. I.e when in desktop view looking at the 'Individuals' page, the womens head is cropped off, and in mobile view, i've had to change the focal point to be on the kids in order for it show something. Ideally I would like them to be the same across all devices.. or as close to. If that's possible? 2. All the buttons should now work as they should. I hadn't finished linking everything. 3. Yes i'd love to know how to align the social icon on tablet view. Does Squarespace allow you to view in tablet mode in order to check everything is as it should? Or is it the case that you need to view on an actual tablet? Many thanks again. Nicola
  8. Hi, yes please. So they appear on right in a similar location as shown in the attachment above, if possible. Many thanks
  9. Site URL: https://round-algae-fj2m.squarespace.com/ Hi, I am trying to move the social icons currently displayed in my header so that they now appear on the right, with everything else centralised. Annoyingly it isn't an option in the preset layouts. Anyone know of some code that would allow me to do this? I would like them to be aligned with the centre of the logo on the far right like the attached screenshot. Thanks in advance. Password is:WaveTest Site URL is: https://round-algae-fj2m.squarespace.com/
  10. Hi thanks for your speedy response. I've tried the above code but unfortunately it doesn't allow the solid pill shaped background to stay active once you're on the desired page. It goes back to only appearing on hover. Is there another bit of code that would allow this? Many thanks for all your help.
  11. Thank you so much! It works perfectly. I have one more question if that's okay. Is there a way to make the background shape/colour that appears on hover to stay when it is clicked on. For instance if you hover and click on the about page it will appear with the blue pill shaped background, but i'm looking for it to stay visible when you're reading the about page. Not sure if that's possible. Many thanks, Nicola
  12. Sorry, thought i'd updated it. Password is: WaveTest Site URL: https://round-algae-fj2m.squarespace.com/ Thanks!
  13. Site URL: https://round-algae-fj2m.squarespace.com/ Hi, I'm looking to add a solid coloured pill shaped background to all the menu links in my header section when they are hovered over. I've tried a few different codes I found online but none seem to be working, any ideas?
  14. I'm looking to find out if there is an option to allow automatic printing of orders as they come in. I'm working with a cafe and due to current covid restrictions in the UK they're only able to offer takeaway or delivery. They would like to have the capacity to have orders printed as they are purchased through the online store so they can instantly start prepping them for delivery or collection without having to check the website constantly. Has anyone dealt with anything like this before? It's a first for me so still trying to figure out if it's even possible. Any help/advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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