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  1. @bangank36 here Product sidebar. Updated.
  2. @bangank36 hey bangank, I am currently using sticky sidebar plugin works great! May I know how do I disable it on mobile view? I only wish to use it on desktop. my site: Here Thanks in advance.
  3. @ChristySmithfields1 I've followed this site instructions, however I still couldn't make it into magnifying glass into header. It works tho! https://www.will-myers.com/articles/adding-a-search-bar-to-your-header-in-squarespace-71 As for announcement bar, I wish to find a solution too.
  4. @tuanphan https://supremo-essential.squarespace.com Hi, how do I have white navigation link, but when hover header becomes white back ground with black title text. (sitewide) white background with black navigation link, only becomes white navigation link when I have background photos wrapped around it. Thanks in advance Mr.Pha
  5. @bangank36 works like a charm! thanks buddy.
  6. @bangank36 Hey, the code worked great. May I know how to change the icon, I would like to remove the straight-line in the arrow and only leave with the arrow head. Much appreciated, Supremo Picture attached below would be the reference.
  7. Dear SquareFans, May I know how do we add/custom a subfolder within a subfolder on top of a folder? Appreciate it, it will be my first website design. Kind regards, Supremo
  8. Hi! I've recently switched from Shopify to SS because I love how square-space minimalistic designs and its flexibility to design unlimited page sections. I am used to using apps integration to boost my website as in " Tidio (live chat), smile.io (affiliate marketing), page-designer, wishlist, megamenu (limited but mostly on free plan) that Shopify offered. I would appreciate if you guys would recommend me some plugins that is compatible with 7.1 version templates. Note: I haven't found any extensions similar on SS, or am I missing something. Kind regards, Supremo
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