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  1. I have similar problem. I want to change "from 445.00" to "fra 445.00" It is basically the same just in Danish.
  2. Hi. Edit: Thank you... it worked perfect. This nth-child worked because the was already some CSS code that disabled the first child. Now I have cleaned up the code and the function was as intended.
  3. Site URL: https://woodliving.dk/ Hi I have added a link in my main menu folder to enable visitors go to a landing page when they click on the menu title. But on mobile this doesn't work. 1. Is it possible to make the link visible in mobile menu? Now I have directly added the landing page(Nordic) to the menu folder Right under link. And it looks good on mobile. If posible I would like "Nordic" to be bold. 2. How so I make "Nordic" bold in mobile only. But on desktop version I now have two "NORDIC" both linking to the same landing page. On the desktop version
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