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  1. I would gladly give my first-born to be able to search the CSS panel of my various websites. Is implementing a search bar / function on top of the CSS panel possible?
  2. Hi — Trying to change the "type to search..." placeholder text on the search page. I just want it to say "Search" instead. www.giannigiavinchi.com > search page. Thanks! Corinne
  3. Thanks. Is it possible to adjust the height of the (0) to make it more side by side with the icon and hamburger menu? I figured out the bottom-padding, but can't find a selector that doesn't target both bag icon and (0). I just want to target the (0). Thanks!
  4. Hi - trying to configure the cart in my header. Client wants to show text on desktop, icon on mobile. Haven't been able to crack this code. Any help would be greatly appreciated. https://wolf-raspberry-fr8r.squarespace.com/ PW: GG24 Thanks, Corinne
  5. Hi @tuanphan I'm trying to do this too: Client wants cart text on desktop, icon on mobile: https://wolf-raspberry-fr8r.squarespace.com/ PW: GG24 I might add a custom icon instead of the one that's there. Would the code be different? Thanks, Corinne
  6. @tuanphan yes exactly. so the vertical height of the block doesn't have to take up so many grid spaces, even though the text remains smaller.
  7. https://entrepreneuress.co/ hero section (homepage) #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1675615508128_34603.
  8. I'm wondering if it's possible to reduce the padding on top and bottom of scrolling text block? Specifically the scrolling symbols on the left-hand side of my hero section: #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1675615508128_34603. Because I want to move it down so the bottom of the symbols are flush with the bottom section border. Thanks!
  9. @tuanphan sorry! You're right - I updated: https://soho-template.squarespace.com/ password: enty I should note these are templates so can't use section / block ID. Hoping to target the selector instead.
  10. Everyone - the key is to not make an entirely fluid engine website. Just make the sections you need fluid (so maybe JUST the hero section), and the rest are regular sections. So much easier this way. And they have implemented a lot of fixes to the early FE issues. I love the direction FE is headed. Gotta start somewhere. Thanks Squarespace, I appreciate that you stay competitive and seek new solutions for website building. I would love to see new solutions for tablet view - ideally, just a higher mobile breakpoint (in the 1100's or so), rather than a separate tablet formatting option. Though would settle for either.
  11. Hi @tuanphan, Do you have a suggestion for instance where custom bullet is now for some reason appearing above list items? I have custom bullets installed, but now they're appearing above my "Meet the Team" section images. Site: https://rhubarb-horse-y9sr.squarespace.com/ Password: enty Thanks! Corinne
  12. Is there anyway to create a situation where a single scheduling session is $50, but there is a "4 for $120" option? I'm open to any creative workflows. Thanks!!
  13. Is there a way to mitigate this right and bottom overflow, while maintaining image radius? It looks too off-center on mobile.
  14. Has anyone found a solution for this without using Section or Collection IDs? I need to do this for a template so can't use those.
  15. Personally I really like fluid engine, and my websites look amazing as a result. My only two issues I'd like to see refined are: - Blocks do shift when I edit other ones. I've been able to work around this, but I worry for my template buyers who may not be as confident in manipulating the blocks, nor understand why that's happening. - I would like to see more control over mobile breakpoint / tablet view or another way to ensure that someone with a small laptop and who does not have a full-screen window open won't see a strange version of the site. Ideally there would be a setting that shrinks site width proportionally and locks in formatting as window gets shrunk until a mobile breakpoint is triggered. I appreciate Squarespace, and their updates, and really don't think such extreme backlash is warranted. If you can't work with the platform, spend this energy improving your skills instead.
  16. Thank you! Yes how the top and bottom border (2px) are showing together rather than one on top and one on the bottom, giving the impression that there is one 4px border and one 0px, as opposed to 2 and 2. I hope that makes sense.
  17. Site URL: http://www.fullpixinspect.com/?password=fullpix555 Hi - 2 quick mobile optimization questions: 1 - Want to update HOMEPAGE vertical content alignment to be middle (not anchored to the bottom) on mobile only (screenshot attached). 2 - My image borders that I have setup on desktop (all 'split' sections on site) are doubling up on mobile only. I'd like them to show properly, 2px on top, and 2px on bottom (screenshot attached). If anyone has advice on how to fix, it would be greatly appreciated!! Client site. Thank you!!! JIC: www.fullpixinspect.com/home // password: fullpix555
  18. I am looking to simply add a single product to the top of a cart page (the product is "add a custom-printed message for $2), and would like it to show on checkout page. I know checkout forms are a thing, but the client wants to charge $2 for it. Any solutions?
  19. I would like to do the same: http://www.shoplilyandmoon.com/shop (and/home too), PW: lily5
  20. Thank you so much!!! You are a life saver Tuan. Another sort of relevant question: I want to make the homepage's gallery block either be three across, or break to mobile view. I don't like when it's 2 then 1, as shown in attached screenshot. (www.theweepearl.com/home, pw: Wee5)
  21. Tried this, to no avail /* Blog Top Cocktail Drawings */ @media screen and (max-width:767px) { div#page-section-616bec01330a29221ec9bf26 .span-2 { width: 16.6667% !important; float: left !important; } }
  22. Site URL: http://www.theweepearl.com/recipes Hi - On my blog page (www.theweepearl.com/recipes, pw: Wee5), I have four images of cocktail drawings at the top. They are horizontally aligned side-by-side. I'd like to add some code to keep them this way on mobile, I don't want them to be one on top of the other. Is there a way to group them? These images will be links if that matters. Thanks, Corinne
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