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  1. sent you link and PW on other question 🙂
  2. https://arugula-copper-pmxe.squarespace.com/products/recessed-surface-modular PW: spear products display all good on other browser (in a row of four) its just on edge it displays as a 3 appreciate the help
  3. I have my product page to be set up with the product filters to the left and SET to 4 product images on the width - every browser shows this no problem apart from EDGE - it displays it with 3 products - is there any way to change this out is it a brewers display issue? Appreciate the help 🙂
  4. I'm looking to remove the sub text on the quick view search bar block - I have product codes on product pages that are searchable however the search pulls up all the codes and additional text - I would like this to either be removed so it only displays the product title in the quick view search or it displays the product title and product code that was searched for only. Appreciate the help 🙂
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