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  1. Not at the moment! How do you keep it behind the same word when switched to mobile view?
  2. Hi! Does anyone know how something like this is achieved? E.g. adding scribbles & annotations on body/heading text. Is it possible in Squarespace?
  3. @Eggers hey that worked! thanks so much for the help 🙂
  4. @creedon ah thank you so much its perfect! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
  5. @creedon hey that worked perfectly! thanks! but is there any way to extend the bar only for my sold out items? as it looks a little odd when the quantity is hidden:
  6. @tuanphan for any product page on my website: truemedical.sg/digital-pharmacy
  7. Hi! Does anyone know how I can hide the Sold Out badge from the main product page only? I still want to keep it on my individual product pages, but remove it from the main product page. I'm using Squarespace 7.1
  8. hey there! may i know what product rating/review integration you're using? :) @raego
  9. Hi! Does anyone know how I can shift my Add to cart button beside the Quantity input for both mobile and desktop? And the add to cart button should span until the end of the text block (desktop) and end of screen (mobile)!
  10. Yes i extended the dropdown width to be 280px in the meantime. Is there a way for it to automatically enter to the next line when its too long?
  11. hi @tuanphan my dropdown menu items are suddenly going out of the dropdown menu instead of falling to the next line. do you know how to fix this? reference: truemedical.sg
  12. @tuanphan The thumbnails at the bottom of the gallery slideshow. This is for desktop view:
  13. on that note, do you know how i can display the gallery image thumbnails on mobile view as well? currently can only see the thumbnails below the image on desktop view, and they disappear in mobile view. @tuanphan
  14. @tuanphan how do i remove padding above and below the gallery block in mobile view? on desktop view its fine but mobile view it ends up looking like this: i'm using Slideshow:Simple with thumbnails for this gallery section https://www.truemedical.sg/true-chat (mobile view)
  15. @tuanphan hi there! could you help me with a similar problem? i also want to display 2 columns on my mobile version of the 'Our Services' section. this is the link to my site: truemedical.sg. i am not sure how to replace the block IDs in your answer above.
  16. @tuanphan i used it here truemedical.sg/clinical-procedures - on the 'Other Services' tab at the part where it says ' Read more about H. Pylori Infections on our Health Screening page'. I want to have a hyperlink that can bring users there straight away instead!
  17. How would I increase the time that each phrase is displayed?
  18. Will Myers on youtube does a tutorial on how to add tabs to a single page that will display/hide specific blocks on a page. You could try that, and perhaps ask him how to include images to the buttons :)
  19. I would like to add a hyperlink that leads to another page for more information from my menu block. I tried to use the markdown code for adding links but it did not work. Does anyone know how to do this?
  20. Yes if anyone has a solution to this it would be greatly appreciated! Want to include some hyperlinks in my menu block descriptions.
  21. is there a way to justify all text, except for text in the announcement bar? it makes my announcement bar text shift to the left, but i want to keep it centralised.
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