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  1. Thank you so much Paul. You are super helpful as always.
  2. Site URL: https://www.theartisanstudio.uk/ I am offering gift sets which cost less than the total of the component products. Therefore I would like to remove the word "Sale" when a price is reduced. I am happy with the original price showing struck out and the reduction beside it, I just don't want the word "Sale" because it isn't appropriate for the sets. I am not bothered if the change applies site-wide, as we don't push "Sale" as a method anyway.
  3. Thanks to Paul's updated guide it's all working perfectly now. What a star Paul is.
  4. Checked with another person and the "only appear on reload page" thing happened with her too. So strange.
  5. Second weirdness - badge disappears when I click on product detail and then use the browser "back" button.
  6. Again for some reason I couldn't see your reply until now. Your guide is awesome Paul! Truly awesome. The clearest instructions to do anything I have seen for years. It took me all of two minutes to get it up and running. How can I thank you? Something really weird is happening - the pre-order badge only appears when I refresh pages (same on desktop computer and mobile) and not the first time it loads. Any ideas why? Looking at your code, and how it works sublimely across all of my product pages (I have three due to Squarespace's 200 product limit) I wonder whether it can be use
  7. By the way, this is where I have created the new thread:
  8. Site URL: https://theartisanstudio.uk/ I began my question here:
  9. Hi Paul, I'm so sorry - no idea why but I didn't receive an alert about your reply. Thank you so much. What you say sounds fantastic and is exactly what I want to do. I just want the badge to appear on certain products I choose, not site-wide like the limited availability (which I can't control selectively). If I understand correctly, you would like me to create a new thread for this? Best wishes Juliette
  10. Hi Paul, Along the same lines, I would like to add a third badge that would look like the "Sale" and "Sold out" badges, saying "Pre-order". I don't believe this feature exists yet, so I think a workaround would be to add the badge as an image to display over the top of the product image both when in the groups of products and the individual product page. Could this be done with CSS and uploading an image of the badge? This is the website: https://theartisanstudio.uk/ Thank you in advance! Juliette
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