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  1. Thank you so much Tuanphuan, this is the closest thing that anyone has provided to what I was looking for. My thumbnails are now displaying the products fully, appreciate your help so much.
  2. How do i make my thumbnails fully visible? https://ibb.co/W6t03p1
  3. No I havent, please help me. Do you understand my enquiry correctly? I need a code to make my thumbnails forced to fit and display fully. They are being displayed like this: Image link : https://ibb.co/W6t03p1 I had the same issue with light box enlarged images and managed to fix it with code I mentioned above, I am sure there is a code to do the same for thumbnails. Thank you!
  4. Hi, thank you for the response. This just slightly shifted the image downwards. Is there anything simliar to the code below? Except lightbox, to have thumbnail, Ive tried change the wording but did not work the code. .gallery-lightbox-item img { object-fit: contain !important;
  5. Please try again it seems to work fine for me, I will attach it to this message.
  6. Site URL: http://www.mozerisfineantiques.com Hello, I have this code : .gallery-lightbox-item img { object-fit: contain !important; Which is really useful and contains my images so the full object can be visible when images are enlarged. I wanted to ask how can I change this code and apply it to thumbnails? You can see they are not displayed fully Image example : https://ibb.co/4775yY8 I used to have the same issue with enlarged images but above code fixed it, I want to do the same for thumbnails. Website: www.MozerisFineAntique
  7. Does anyone have a viable solution for this? I have tried to resize my images, to 2500 by 1600 px, still have issues when images are enlarged and not displaying fully. Please!
  8. Site URL: http://https/mozerisfineantiques.com Hello, I am having issues with the way my images are being displayed on web version as well as mobile. The thumbnails in the product menus display correctly, however once you click on the product, the images are sometimes resized, and the logo is not visible or something else. Another issue, is when you click to enlarge the images, you can't see the product at all, and it is extremely zoomed in. Below, I have took some screenshots numbered 1 to 6, displaying and explaining some of the issues I am having. I have tried to
  9. Found the fix... Along with the code you have showed me, which turned my background black along with my navigation. I have simply added - <style> body {background-color: pink;} #canvas {background-color: pink;} </style> That has sorted the issue. I now have one question about my logo, how can I fix my logo? As it uses the same file for the whole website, I have a file with black font, can I change the logo just for my shop page? www.mozerisfineantiques.com
  10. Any way to change the navigation links colour, just for my shop page? The colour changing in design, applies it to the whole website, I want just for one page? This code kind of spoils the look I'm going for. Thank you for your efforts nevertheless, much appreciated.
  11. Thank you, it helped but not fully... I can't seem to solve this. again same problem, one page navigation is visible, and on the other page it's not visible. The same for the logo... How can I make the above code work but for one page only?
  12. Sadly I have not. The Navigation is no longer visible here : https://www.mozerisfineantiques.com/timepieces But You can see it here. https://www.mozerisfineantiques.com/all?category=Jewellery How can I edit the pages individually? The logo aswell, you can see it on home page, but not in the shop section. How can I fix this? Thanks
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