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  1. Hi there, Is there someone who maybe knows the answer to this? Maybe my question wasn't clear? I want the site to be able to know where the user is coming from and to switch the language of the site to either English or Dutch. Would love to get help with this! Thanks in advance! Bart
  2. Site URL: https://www.figura-sculpture.com/ Hi there, A have a multilingual site (with custom coding) and I was wondering if there is a possibility to know where the user is located so the site switches to that language. I have a English- Dutch site. So When you enter the site from a Dutch IP you go to the Dutch part of the site. Hope this is a possibility! Thanks for getting back! Bart
  3. Site URL: https://www.figura-sculpture.com/nl/ Hi there, I have a multilingual site (with custom coding) and have a eventspage, which is placed in a dropdown folder. I want the eventspage to also be shown in a different dropdownfolder. I tried a link, but that doesn't deem to work. So my question is, how do I show one event-page in two dropdownfolders? Thanks so much for your help! Bart
  4. Hi Tuanphan, Thanks for getting back and taking the time. It doesn't seem to work. Is it maybe possible to create a gray color instead of a banner image behind the logo and navigation? I think that'll work better visually. Thanks again!
  5. Hi Tuanphan, would it be possible to help out with this? Let me know what you need. Thanks in advance! Bart
  6. Hi Tuanphan, Thanks for getting back! https://synthesizer-spinach-r9za.squarespace.com/config/pages Do you mean this link? The site is not online yet. I have a event page with a banner image. When I click on on of those events I go to a certain event, but there's no banner option here, so you can't see the logo... Thats why I want to remove the image and invert the logo. (see attachments) I would be grant if you could help! Thanks in advance!
  7. I also want this. I tried it on a eventpage, but it doesn't work. Do I need to edit the code (like paste the name of the file? Thanks Tuanphan!
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