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  1. Hi, my client owns a domain e-mail address from Register.com I pointed the form on Squarespace to send the form to his domain e-mail address, and he doesn't receive anything from Squarespace (nothing in Spam folders, too). However, his domain e-mail address works normally, but just doesn't receive any e-mails from Squarespace forms. When I tried pointing the form to his regular Yahoo e-mail address, it works and he receives the Squarespace forms. It's just when I point to his Domain e-mail address, it doesn't work. He doesn't get anything. What kind of problem is this? Maybe
  2. Hi, I purchased a license from Getty Images (premium image) to be used on my site. I cropped it and saved the image, and didn't like how it turned out. I know it's a permanent change (as in, won't be able to undo it in the editor), but then thought I would be able re-import it again as the original image before the cropping. It turns out that re-importing the image imports it as the cropped version, Not the original version. Now I'm stuck. I tried to find the image again in Premium in Getty Image and no longer find it there. How do I go about this? ..... Ext
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