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  1. Ok, so no idea why this is happening? I find it quite weird because it is not even injected code, it is just standard SS features.
  2. Hello Colin, as always thanks for supporting!! It looks like he created a new page and that fixed the issue for him, but I did that and also rechecked vimeo settings and they look correct. When I inspect the page it calls out an error 'SQUARESPACE_ROLL UP is not defined'.. What does it mean? does it have something to do with this?
  3. most likely it has do with Vimeo URL i guess, cause with YT video it works. I even upgraded my Vimeo to a plus subscription to make this work and it still not happening
  4. Password was alrady in my previous post: MaterialIncubator2019 I received a feedback from squarespace saying that they had problem during saving changes, so I made a new cover which looks like it solved that issue. Still cover pages is working weirdly like it doesn't save changes and displays pictures that I have never uploaded 😕
  5. Hello everyone! Looks like my cover page is not displaying text/logo and headline.. Is there a specific reason for this? Any tweaks you can suggest? https://heron-koi-glp3.squarespace.com/config/pages/5db19da2aa45d66460e8d6b6/branding-text Pass: MaterialIncubator2019
  6. Thank you for your reply Colin, but it doesn't look to work yet..Also I was wondering why should I inject it in the footer section?
  7. Hello everyone! I am using LAnge template and have a cover age for my website (set as home page). Once I get into the actual website thoug I would like that, clicking on the site logo at the top, it would re-direct on a different page (not having to go back to cover page). Is there a way to do this? Thank a lot Federico
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