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  1. Site URL: https://cymbals-bellflower-g2r9.squarespace.com/ I am trying to replicate my button/form for additional info into all my products, how can i do it? Right now I managed to additional info to move from bottom to top, but I would like to recall (and therefore duplicate) that specific form to save some time. Is it possible? This is the code I used to move additional info to the top <script> jQuery(document).ready(function($) { $('.ProductItem .ProductItem-additional').insertAfter('.sqs-money-native'); }); </script> Thanks
  2. Site URL: https://www.stillalive2020.com/projects Hello! One of my website pages (projects) is an index, it uses the first page/item of the index as banner. This banner appears to be taller than the other pages creating a lack of consistency in the website. Do you know how I can resolve this? thanks a lot! fede
  3. Site URL: https://manatee-duck-w6ns.squarespace.com/projects I am trying to change the banner height for the first page of an index, in order to match the style of the other pages of my website.
  4. Ok, so no idea why this is happening? I find it quite weird because it is not even injected code, it is just standard SS features.
  5. Hello Colin, as always thanks for supporting!! It looks like he created a new page and that fixed the issue for him, but I did that and also rechecked vimeo settings and they look correct. When I inspect the page it calls out an error 'SQUARESPACE_ROLL UP is not defined'.. What does it mean? does it have something to do with this?
  6. most likely it has do with Vimeo URL i guess, cause with YT video it works. I even upgraded my Vimeo to a plus subscription to make this work and it still not happening
  7. Password was alrady in my previous post: MaterialIncubator2019 I received a feedback from squarespace saying that they had problem during saving changes, so I made a new cover which looks like it solved that issue. Still cover pages is working weirdly like it doesn't save changes and displays pictures that I have never uploaded 😕
  8. Hello everyone! Looks like my cover page is not displaying text/logo and headline.. Is there a specific reason for this? Any tweaks you can suggest? https://heron-koi-glp3.squarespace.com/config/pages/5db19da2aa45d66460e8d6b6/branding-text Pass: MaterialIncubator2019
  9. Thank you for your reply Colin, but it doesn't look to work yet..Also I was wondering why should I inject it in the footer section?
  10. Hello everyone! I am using LAnge template and have a cover age for my website (set as home page). Once I get into the actual website thoug I would like that, clicking on the site logo at the top, it would re-direct on a different page (not having to go back to cover page). Is there a way to do this? Thank a lot Federico
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