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  1. Another member already helped me resolve this. thanks
  2. I used the instructions from FB developers page, the one squarespace help links to. But I ended up removing it anyway, I used something else so people aren't forced into logging in to leave a comment. thanks anyway!
  3. Site URL: https://www.jabfurniturerehab.com/available-furniture/p/artistically-handpainted-jacobean-style-lighted-cabinet I have installed the facebook comments successfully on my product page but when trying to test it out, it does not work. User can type into the comment field but it doesn't ever let you post it. And trying to login to facebook, it seems to be that I got logged in - no error is displayed- but my facebook profile image does not load and still no way to actually post my comment. It just erases the comment and goes back to a blank comment field and the comment count still shows zero. Has anyone ever got this to work on a non blog page?
  4. Code in a code block is meant to be invisible so it does not show up as text on your page, that is why you have the checkbox to Display Source. So you add the code in the "Code" window and then when you hit apply, it should be invisible. Squarespace is kind of annoying in that it doesn't display it as grayed out or something when you are editing the page, it's just invisible and you have to remember it's there.
  5. Site URL: https://www.jabfurniturerehab.com/ pwd is jules Hi, I have on my home page, 4 sections. The first three are the same type of blocks except the alternate in column ordering. So section 1 is like: imageBlock | text section 2 is like : text | imageBlock section 3 is like: imageBlock | text When I view it on mobile, section 2 looks funny with the image block under the text. Can someone tell me if there is a way to force the image in section2 to be first and then the text? This is screenshot of desktop: and this is screenshot of mobile: thanks in advance.
  6. I checked out your website and see that you found a solution. Would you mind sharing it? I am having the same problem.
  7. Everyone should report it to make it known that this is an issue for a lot of users. Then maybe they will do something about it.
  8. Not super helpful but it is flagged by Dev teams. Hopefully they fix it soon, it's a fairly big oops if you ask me (and I have over 20 years experience in Enterprise SW QA).
  9. In regards to deleting uploaded images, you can't. I used to work in an Enterprise level SW QA team and when we had new features added, I had to fight to get simple things like this implemented. Development focuses on basic "happy path" usage. They cared much less about features like simple deletion of records and it seems SS has this same philosophy. I can't imagine a QA team not catching this simple omission. Having said all of that, I came across this post when I was searching for the same issue. It's been reported and supposedly they will be fixing it in an upcoming release. I am new to Squarespace and I don't know how often they do updates but hopefully this fix is coming soon. the post:
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