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  1. It would be the one with this id and the others next to it - screenshot below. When I drag the window in for responsive, the text doesn't stay on the card correctly. id="yui_3_17_2_1_1600746014824_88"
  2. Hello! I'm having the same issue: https://herring-lynx-gxk8.squarespace.com/ password: design any ideas @tuanphan?
  3. Unfortunately I had to duplicate the whole website and purchase a new domain for this client. Still no real answer as to why this happened but the new website posts fine.
  4. Hello friends! Facebook blocked my client's Squarespace website stating that it goes against "community standards". Has anyone else run into this issue? There is nothing about this website that is offensive or threatening. It is simply a store for an artist to sell his paintings and promote his painting classes. The website is https://www.pauljvaldez.com/ Ultimately, I am trying to determine what triggered the block and how it can be fixed. This issue has been reported to Facebook multiple times. No response yet but we can successfully share his link on Instagram. An
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