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  1. Hello everyone, Can anyone please help me with the code to fix the size of my images. I have set the aspect ratio to 1:1 to make the thumbnails square on preview but upon pop-out, I want to see the full size of my images (landscape, panorama) instead of square. My site: https://www.ptphotography.com/gallery-3 Thank you and stay safe,
  2. Hello everyone, Please help with the code to view the full size of the images upon click (lightbox) on my product page. On preview, the size it is: 2:3 (verticle), on click, it turns landscape. I want Lightbox to show image full size: 2:3. https://www.ptphotography.com/destination/7v1gw1mrynm8aojh0otshn3rwbj4yc-p62n2 Thank you in advance 🙏
  3. Hello @rwp sorry for chasing you, but can you please help me with the code? Thank you in advance. Best regards, P
  4. Hello everyone, At the moment, I have 4 columns, can anyone please help with the code to make the columns in my portfolio 5? https://www.ptphotography.com Thank you in adcance!
  5. @tuanphan I have an addional favour, how do I change the aspect ratio of the products to square? Thank you!
  6. @rwptried this on my shop page and wrote this code on my css: .image-overlay.hovering { opacity: 0.44 !important; } .image-text.hovering { opacity: 1.0 !important; } but it doesn't work 🤣. I am hopeless lol Can you correct it please? Shop page: https://www.ptphotography.com/shop
  7. @rwp I am very pleased! The world is pleased! The universe is pleased! You rock! 🙌🤣
  8. Hello everyone! Can anyone help me with to achieve this: I want three images to appear on hover. Here is the site: https://www.ptphotography.com/books-home-page I would like 3 images in total (including the front cover) to appear if you hover over the images on each image block. 3 pictures to appear under Books 3 pictures to appear under Prints Thank you in advance!
  9. Hello everyone, Can anyone please help me change the column number for one page? At the moment, ALL my product pages are set to 4, but I want just one page to display 3 products/images. https://www.ptphotography.com/harcover-books The problem is if I don't set the column numbers to 3, to fill the space that is supposed to be taken by the fourth product (product 4), the 3 products(pictures) looks like they are aligned to the left. Thank you in advance!
  10. @rwp lol, it is a code I have hidden. I have taken it out now. No rush. You have been very helpful to me, please take your time 🙏
  11. @rwp That is the best news I have heard today. Would appreciate that very much. Thank you!
  12. @tuanphan no sir, not yet. Can you please help? I can wait for as long as it takes 🙏
  13. @gsv thank you for this. I am using Mark Novo 7.1. The portfolio page is built in so I am at lost as to where to proceed. But appreciate your help. It's nice to see I have got options.
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