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  1. @tuanphanTwo things: (1) I'm trying to implement this for animated text on my site, but the effect is that it changes all the words to one color. I need each word to be it's own, separate color. (2) I'd like the animation to play only one time (i.e., I do not want it to loop at all). Not sure where to add this in the code block to implement. Here's the site (it's just a sample site I'm using for now): https://orb-platinum-kx6m.squarespace.com
  2. @Guy33 did you ever find a resolution for this?
  3. I'm trying to increase the weight of the font of my form button. I was able to do it for the rest of the (non-form) buttons on my website using: .sqs-block-button a {font-weight: 600} but this code is not working for the form button. TIA!
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