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  1. No not yet. So I dropped the menu block in. It shows the sample categories which I can update and add more to but the sample content in the block I cannot see on the website.
  2. I've just placed the menu block to reformat however only the category headings are showing and no sample content is displaying on the website for me to replace. Why is that?
  3. Thanks so much for your advice, that will help me explain it to my client.
  4. I've got a client who is considering moving her website from Weebly to Squarespace but she is concerned that she might lose her ranking as the site has been around for many years so it is high up in the search engines for her key words. Does anyone know if transferring a site to another platform will affect rankings? I'd hate for her to lose business.
  5. Hi do you have a css code to customise font in the buttons and navigation?
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