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  1. Thanks, Sayre. Appreciate your feedback. I have closed my Leadpages account and am now doing my landing pages in Mailchimp, so that's the first step I'm testing. So far, so good. Do you use landing pages? Are they just unlinked pages on your site?
  2. I'm trying to simplify and consolidate various tools, so I'm thinking about switching from Mailchimp to Squarespace Email Campaigns and possibly also getting rid of my Leadpages account. Has anyone else done this with Mailchimp and/or Leadpages, and what has your experience been like? Do you create your landing pages in Squarespace? How does Email Campaigns compare to Mailchimp?
  3. I spoke with SquareSpace support... and there's no way to do what I want. The logo will always take you back to the homepage. And if you want the landing page to be seen first, it has to be the homepage. There's no solution. So.... I have to set the landing page as my home page.
  4. I used to have this option with my site. I had a cover page that everyone saw when they first came to my site, and I created a "Shop" link on this cover page that took them to my main site/home page. It used to be that once you were on the main site, and navigated around, if you hit the logo, it would take you back to the homepage of my site. Now it takes you back to the landing page! How can I fix this?! My landing page has no navigation and it's a horrible experience to get redirected back to it. I don't want to delete the landing page because all my SEO is generated from the text on it. my site is www.vanchristmas.com Wondering if I accidentally changed the settings, or if this has something to do with global changes made to the templates, etc. My template is Galapagos.
  5. I've had this error pop up from time to time and found another forum (not Squarespace) that indicated the font minimum size to remove this error is 22 px. I tried this and it got rid of the error, but in my opinion, it ruined the design of the site. In my offseason, I reduced the size of a few fonts that really bothered me, and now the font size errors are back.... along with "content too wide for screen" and "clickable elements too close." I am wondering if it is because of the age of the template. Are there certain templates that are not as responsive and/or that there are "bugs" (either with Google or Squarespace) that doesn't allow Google to crawl them, and/or standards that have changed that these old designs don't meet. I use the Galapagos template, which I installed five years ago. What template do you use, and how long since you installed it? I'm wondering if switching templates will resolve the issue? Best case scenario, is there something we can do to tweak the settings (like increasing the font size to 22 px) for the other errors?
  6. I'm investigating using Quick Books Online to track inventory to integrate wholesale and in-person sales as well. You have to use the expert version though (more expensive). I'll let you know how it goes.
  7. I asked for help from Support, and Squarespace cannot do this yet. It's a basic marketing technique that is not accommodated. I'm interested in knowing how regularly Squarespace adds functionality to its platform. Although it's a hassle and don't really want to, I'm contemplating switching to LeadPages (or possibly Shopify, but it's quite expensive for a solopreneur) to be able to do a little more sophisticated marketing.
  8. I'd like a simple way to offer a free gift (premium) without having to offer a discount or do a work-around (but open to hearing what those might be). This would allow it to come out of inventory, show up as a gift on the order (vs. having to offer a discount).
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