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  1. @creedon I have a plugin that allows them to work on 7.1 its a great plugin, highly recommend it
  2. @fooGreat solution, I would assume it works for videos as well as images?
  3. Works perfectly, thank you very much. Yeah it is a cool video, great company that is helping protect Hawaii!
  4. ok, thank you very much for your help with this. Its really a sqs thing that they need to fix with the transparent header toggle on and off.
  5. Im not seeing that code making it work. Am I doing something wrong I took the code you wrote and put it on the homepage code injection?
  6. I got it figured out it was some weird sqs thing that the site was wonky for 2 -3 hours
  7. I just noticed that with this above code it is messing with the footer on the page the code is on so it fixes the video error but moves the footer up so you cant read the content. Would love to get some help on figuring out what is happening, mahalo Here is the site url: https://cardioid-orange-k9ls.squarespace.com/ Pw: aloha
  8. Yes, that worked perfectly!!!!! Thank you, how can I provide you with compensation?
  9. Has anyone figured this out. You have the top section being hidden under the navigation if you dont want it to be transparent and it makes the image cut off. Would love how to do this on only one page, I am assuming that it is a data section on that pages code injection that the code can go into. I dont know what code to put in I have tried padding-top and margin top and neither are working.
  10. I am having issues with a site that the images are not even opening in a lightbox would love to know what is happening or how to force the site to open the images in a lightbox on mobile.
  11. @Amylee do you know if you can add a delay to this so the user would see the message quickly then get re-directed?
  12. Do you know how to re-size the image that will display when a video wont load on mobile? 

    I don't even understand how to find the tag to write any code for it.

    1. tuanphan


      Can you share site url?

    2. JustinSeimits



    3. JustinSeimits
  13. @tuanphan I would love to know how to have fixed or floating social media icons on the right middle side of a website.
  14. @creedon I got it to work, thank you very much for your help. What a weird bug.
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