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  1. Hello. No I haven't added the BECOME A REFERRAL AGENT link. I'm not sure how to make that happen. The question is, can it be done by using body#collection-5faa8ab8447c973dee2ffecc?
  2. Hello. Thank you for your help. I tried to hide the main nav on 'lead" page with your code. Unfortunately it didn't function. (See attached screen shot). I did successfully target the nav with this code: body#collection-5faa8ab8447c973dee2ffecc nav.Header-nav.Header-nav--primary { display: none; } I'll need to try and amend that code to also include mobile. The next step, either using the collection number or your code, I need to replace the hidden navigation with a new link, "BECOME A REFERRAL AGENT" that will simply scroll the page down to the referral form.
  3. Site URL: https://credhub.com Hello. Is it possible to change the main navigation links on one page? We're in the 7.0 – Brine family Sonora template. (see attached screenshots - live page with multiple links...layout of one page in site with two links) Thank you. - S.
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