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  1. I want to apply custom tags to my projects, invisibly, such as like illustration, commercials, directon etc so I can filter my portfolio into custom presentations, like I used to on cargo collective, This is not quite what I was after, but thanks anyway D
  2. thanks TuanPhan, its ruralidyll.studio I would like to filter the animation page into client and personal tags.
  3. Hi, I have a couple of issues I am hoping to fix before my site goes live. Is there a simple tagging system, a la Cargo? I was hoping to assign tags per project such as personal, commercial, directorial etc to fllter projects to hidden, unlinked indexes. -- Second quesrtion concerns site styling. My main portfolio page looks good with 3 projects abreast. In mobile view this defaults to 1, and looks great. Sub projects within the portfolio index, I have set to 3 abreast (manually eyeballed). When I go mobile view they squeeze 2 abreast and it looks quite awkward, not the desired 1. But I can't seem to style desktop and mobile separately, is this possible ? Any help would be much appreciated.
  4. Hey thanks both, sorry only just seen these replies! I use 7.1 - site in question is https://www.hidything.club/ Thanks again
  5. Hi all, I would like to have a an index or portfolio page of only looping gifs. When I hover over a gif, player controls would fade on, or appear, allowing to play the embedded video (with sound). As of now, my options seem to be either: a folio page of gifs where each one clicks through to a standalone secondary embed page, or a full index of embedded videos, all with the players permanently visible, which looks cluttered and static. Can you think of a way this is possible? Thanks a lot Dylan
  6. Thanks Dave, really appreciate it. 7.1 here we come … 😅
  7. Hi Dave, thanks ever so for your thoughtful reply. I did think this was the official SS forum and didn’t realise it was a message board for devs and general ideas, so apologies there ! I hear you, and appreciate squarespace is a web2 behemoth; I’m not expecting anything like wallet integration. Like many artists I use squarespace as a very quick and easy portfolio index. All I would like is to be able to add a click through functionality to each image on my front end gallery page. Click on image and link straight through to the listing page of an external NFT website instead of popping up a subsidiary squarespace gallery page. Do you know if there is any simple code that could help to do that ? Squarespace have been no help, and i fear if they don’t try to keep up, there’ll probably soon be toast. All best Dylan
  8. Site URL: https://www.dylanwhite.me/ Are there any official plans for supporting NFT integration on squarespace ? There is a workaround on one of the forums with iframes / opensea but I couldn’t seem to get it to work with IPFS. As many visual artists increasingly look to sell NFTs either via marketplaces and / or free storefront hub services such as lynkfire, linktree etc I am increasingly wondering why I pay for 2 squarespace sites. Please let me know if you’ve any NFT integration plans soon or I will probably just transfer my url to a linktree that points to hen, fnd, objkt et al. thanks again Dylan
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