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  1. Hi Derrick. I've seen few posts about this specific question and within them, no answers. I want to know if there is a way to cancel a domain transfer in progress. I started the process of transferring my client's site and in retrospect, I wish I had simply pointed to where it was parked. Within Squarespace, there is no access to a control panel to change DNS entries—for domains and for email. It feels very restrictive. In addition, the site transfer can take 'up to 15 days' and is 'out of Squarespace control', so even they don't have control. At this point, I would like to cancel the transfer in progress and have SS release the domain. How do I do this? How do I get the authorization code I need? Will this add to the timing of things or can I be hopeful that if I do do this, I can send the domain back to where it was and be up and running with my client's website sooner rather than later, which is looking like up to 15 days. It has been 'in progress' for 4 days now and counting.

    Thank you, and I hope I put this message in the right place for you.

    ~ Stacie 

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    1. derricksrandomviews


      I would go to the domain hosting site and see if you can cancel the transfer there. Its still hosted there and you own it so you should be able to stop the transfer. 

      I agree repointing as opposed to domain transfer or url forwarding is really the best way to go. 

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