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  1. Hi Derrick. I've seen few posts about this specific question and within them, no answers. I want to know if there is a way to cancel a domain transfer in progress. I started the process of transferring my client's site and in retrospect, I wish I had simply pointed to where it was parked. Within Squarespace, there is no access to a control panel to change DNS entries—for domains and for email. It feels very restrictive. In addition, the site transfer can take 'up to 15 days' and is 'out of Squarespace control', so even they don't have control. At this point, I would like to cancel the transfer in progress and have SS release the domain. How do I do this? How do I get the authorization code I need? Will this add to the timing of things or can I be hopeful that if I do do this, I can send the domain back to where it was and be up and running with my client's website sooner rather than later, which is looking like up to 15 days. It has been 'in progress' for 4 days now and counting.

    Thank you, and I hope I put this message in the right place for you.

    ~ Stacie 

    Screen Shot 2020-07-02 at 9.08.30 AM.png

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    2. derricksrandomviews


      It may be simpler than I first thought to cancel a transfer

      1. n the Home Menu, click Settings, then click Domains.
      2. Click the domain that's pending transfer.
      3. Click Cancel transfer.
      4. Confirm the cancellation.
    3. Stacie1570047729


      Thanks Derrick for responding.

      I've tried both suggestions. In speaking with the current domain provider, I am told that he no longer sees the site showing up on his end, it has already left the building. However, in the WHOIS records, it shows that it has not. As far as simply going to 'Cancel transfer' from my (SquareSpace) end, I cannot do that either.

      I've attached a screenshot of what I see when I go to that page as well as what I see when I click "Transfers in Progress". 

      What does it mean that the site does not show up for the current provider, shows up in WHOIS as being hosted by the current provider, and SquareSpace is giving me a message that the current provider must authorize the transfer?

      Is it possible that this Transfer in Progress alert is a catch all and is not specific. In other words, will it eventually happen if I do nothing? I know that the current provider authorized the release of the site because I received an authorization code, which I had to enter to even get to this point. 

      The language is confusing.

      Thanks for any help you can offer. I don't know what to do for my client at this juncture. 

      ~ Stacie

      Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 12.50.24 AM.png

      Screen Shot 2020-07-04 at 1.06.07 AM.png

    4. derricksrandomviews


      whoishostingthis.com  says the domain is still with qweb internet services the named servers are






      Looks like the domain is somewhere between qweb and squarespace, hopefully the transfer will complete very soon. 

  2. I am having the same issue. I was unaware that a transfer would not allow me to make changes to DNS entries or be short of any real editing power, like cancelling the transfer, releasing to another domain provider, or simply checking to see that all entries were correct. Squarespace offers no access to a control panel to, well, control this process. I now have a client that does not want to wait 'up to 15 days' for their site to transfer. I want to stop this process, authorize the release of the domain, receive an authorization code, and go back to where the domain was previously parked. PLEASE HELP. Thank you!
  3. ej, How did you change the color of the source of the quote (John Bard, Bard Catering)? I've been searching on how to do that and can't find a solution. Thanks!
  4. You first need to find the name of your block. Then you need to add custom code to your page. How to find your block ID I use Firebug - once you have Firebug open, go to your site, control click on the block you want to locate and scroll down to "inspect element in Firebug". Sometimes this search it is not exact in Firebug. It will find the text for instance but not the block. But if you scroll up the code, you'll get to something like: <div id="block-584f3b29b6217bdd611b"... Now copy that block ID somewhere (I use Notepad, something that won't add extra formatting. don't use Word for instance). How to add custom code to color your block Now go to manage site on that same page and up top click on Page Settings. Click on Advance and insert this code: <style> #block-yourblockidhere { background-color: #000000; *this is where you put the 6 digit color you want* padding: 10px; } </style> I also add some padding because once you have a colored box, you may not want the text going right up to the edge. Note: do not include my note "this is where you put the 6 digit color you want" in your code. Good luck!
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