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Switching between languages – Multilingual



I want my website to be bilingual, in French and English. I am currently using the Devlin template.

What are my options to make make this bilingual? I am aware that there is a Google translator option but I cannot see what the end result will be like. I can’t find examples.

I can translate all my pages on my own but I need a button in the navigation bar that allows me to switch between both English and French on every page. Is this possible to add within a template?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I wish there was a way to manage multiple navigation menus in SP.

All my customers here in Quebec want the ability to switch from French to English on their website. It would be so nice if I could just put pages in folders, one folder for each language, and a language picker in the page header.

I know I can do stuff using the Developer feature, but I don't want to code a brand new theme. I want my customer the freedom of choosing a theme, and then I can help them set-up the language switching logic.

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though you may also want to mention that Localize.js costs $49 (!) per month, even if you are using it as non-profit or for relatively small sites. This solution is most likely not relevant to many people who specifically want to build their own site, with Squarespae.

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I am building a tri-lingual website EN ES IT.

I am using custom css like below to hide lingual elements in main and secondary navigations:

.collection-53f88d8fe4b0271e3bcc1123 #mainNavigation>:nth-child(n+3) {display: none; }

That's working for normal pages, but I can't figure out how can I do that with search page.

I have 3 different search blocks for 3 specific product pages in EN, ES and IT, I want to be able to style results pages to keep website trilingual.

I would like to set the banner thumbnail as well, which seems not possible for search results page.

Any help is appreciated.

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There is currently no easy solution from what I could see David. I ended up going with a template from Nick Scola (Round2) that I modified to suit my needs. You will need to use the devleoper platform. It's still a work in progress but you can have a look at it here:


I was given all the text in both languages and I had to recreate the pages in the second language as there is no "duplicate page" option (yet?) and the client will need to maintain the blogs in both languages but they want to adapt the blog content depending on the target audience so not all content will have to be duplicated.

This is Nick's site where you can contact him:


Hope this helps,


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hey harry, could you tell me how you managed to create this css code? I'm currently trying to implement a bilingual site in ss5. I've managed to do so with the side navigation changing from english to german and vice versa, however I would like to use a top navigation on the page. Is there a possibility for that? Thanks beforehands. regards:)

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This tutorial for the consumer platform is long overdue by me and I do apologize.

Please note: http://multilingual-help.squarespace.com/ there are 2 templates which tech. work without my tutorial. My tutorial is simply for all templates.

Here is the tutorial (brand new site design check it out!): http://www.nickscola.com/journal/2013/7/12/multi-lang-tutorial-on-consumer-platform


Squarespace developer since 2007.

I create a professional process for each client to ensure that your objectives are met and users are happy. Something I love to embrace.

I'm available for hire

Get in touch at http://www.nickscola.com or via email at squaretuts@gmail.com
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Have you tried https://www.bablic.com ? I get exactly what you mean since I'm familiar with Quebec, websites are actually obligated to have French & English is a must for online business so pretty much they ALL need to be at least bilingual. Bablic lets you translate your whole sqsp site with just one line of code. It uses a visual editor that lets you manually edit text, images & even CSS with just one line of code. Sqso users love it, try it out, we have a free/forever plan! Guide: http://blog.bablic.com/translate-your-squarespace-website-with-bablic/

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I'm originally from Quebec, trust me I know the pain/feeling! That's a big part of why I'm involved in https://www.bablic.com today!

Why don't you use Bablic to easily translate your website ? It lets you translate it with just one line of code and works perfectly with Squarespace (all themes). You just enter your URL on our homepage and select the language you need to add. It'll load your site (machine translated) into our editor and from there you can manually edit text, images, css with just a right click. Once it looks good, just click activate now to get the one line of code you need to add to your Squarespace header (using code injection), that's all!

Would love to hear what you think as a fellow Quebecer! Get in touch if you need anything: laurent@bablic.com

Here's the full Squarespace translation guide: http://blog.bablic.com/translate-your-squarespace-website-with-bablic/

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Awesome. At least 2 templates to choose from. I'll give this a try, but I hope SS will eventually support some localization features. For the site that I custom build, I use the browser supplied languages to determine the current language, the user can than switch to another one. Keep doing a good job!

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answers is not a forum and this is not an answer... it's hardly an usefull comment. I'm puzzled this gets more votes than actual useful answers below.

If you need support building your website, talk to me! <-- Check the link on the side.

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